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Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-08: Birthright Betrayed PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1-5.

For all its rich history and heritage, Taldor has not always welcomed the Pathfinder Society's inquiring minds. This is especially true of a small museum in Ridonport, birthplace of the legendary General Arnisant, who confronted the dreaded Whispering Tyrant during the Shining Crusade. However, the Society's ally Lady Gloriana Morilla has secured a small group of Pathfinders a unique opportunity to study the museum's relics. All she needs in return is the Pathfinders' investigative skills to uncover the local earl's indiscretions—an earl who proudly identifies as Arnisant's direct descendant.

Contents in Birthright Betrayed also contribute directly to the ongoing storyline of the Sovereign Court faction. This is one of several scenarios that also set the stage for and directly tie into the upcoming War for the Crown Adventure Path.

Written by Sam Polak.

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***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Interesting encouters, iconic lore, but with a couple frustrating tropes

***( )( )

This review is written from the perspective of a player, GM's mileage may vary. Full disclosure: 1-2 tier, My character is a member of the sovereign court, but an early diplomacy roll and a lack of stealth in the party cost me a prestige and the boon.

What I liked:
It gets the first star for existing.

It gets its second star for its wacky combats. An animated wooden ship crewed by tiny water elementals? gauntlets possessed by the spirits of Tar Ba-Phon's minions? Buccaneers playing dirty tricks? Wow, they were hilarious and creative without being overly murderous. They got some smiles from me and the other players.

The third star comes from the lore and world-building. I'm a lore junkie, so OOC I knew much of the stories, but little touches like the massive, 200-foot tall statue of Arnisant in a small town really helped make the place feel alive.

What I disliked:
At the very beginning of the scenario, your faction leader tells you explicitly "Whatever you do, don't break the law." Yet, we could not figure out a way to progress without stealing stuff from the Earl's safe. We tried getting a warrant from the magistrate and convincing Lord Adamare, with nothing to show for it. So we wound up feeling forced to do a "heist," which we inevitably bungled.

I still have no idea how a paladin gets through the scenario without paying for an atonement spell. Telling PC's to obey the law, and not providing a solution within the law is an awful trope that needs to die in a fire. At the very least, have the mission giver say "If you need to break the law, do it but don't get caught." At least that way PC's won't waste as much time hunting for a legal solution that doesn't seem to exist.

Also, a big grand speech by a bad guy to a crowd followed by a PC diplomacy check to sway the crowd, is ground that's been covered way too many times. Maybe there was a way to ruin his reputation without being some random dude literally yelling at him from a crowd during a speech, but I couldn't figure it out. I felt more like a heckler in a crowd at a political rally than an agent of nobility.

Anyway, those issues are why it didn't get the final two stars. It's worth playing, just keep the lawful good PC's far far away. Gift Certificates
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