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Open Expanses: Free Maps Made From Abstract Texture Art

Vast planar expanses, the open waters of the deep oceans, the dangerous super-heated environments of immense nebulae filled with roiling stellar plasma, or the expanse of galactic space set outside such regions; these wide open and distinctive areas can all be portrayed with the maps included in this pack.

This free digital download includes a PDF which can be used in digital format, or printed for use at the game table. All written game content in the PDF is designated Open Content, and all artistic media (excluding logos, trademarks, and product design/layout) is designated public domain content, under the Creative Commons License (licensing documentation included in ReadMe text file). This means these artworks can be used for personal or professional use, including as artwork/media in your own product or project.

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Lantern Lodge

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I am super-stoked that this is now available on! For those of you who make Pathfinder RPG Compatible or Starfinder Compatible content, or if you ever want to try, this product includes everything you need, including proper licensing notations, to use it in your own projects.

Please check it out, and let me know what you think!

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