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Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-05: Call of the Copper Gate PDF

****( ) (based on 4 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3-7.

Alarm bells blare throughout the Pathfinder Society's Grand Lodge as chaos reigns in one of the vaults below. The PCs must venture into the vaults to put a stop to the mysterious incident. They quickly learn, however, that what has happened in the Grand Lodge is almost certainly not an isolated event. It falls to the PCs to follow this disruption's trail, a mission that puts them on a collision course with mysterious forces that wish to unleash horrors from beyond reality upon Golarion.

Contents in Call of the Copper Gate also contribute directly to the ongoing storyline of the Dark Archive faction.

Written by Christopher Wasko.

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 4 ratings)

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Challenging Scenario with great atmosphere


I just ran this on high tier with a lv 7 swashbuckler, lv 5 psych sorcerer (dark archive), a lv 5 reach fighter, lv 6 arcane sorcerer and lv 7 witch pregen.

The encounters do have alot going on so there is a lot to track but it isn't too daunting. They were challenging espacilly the first do to the party make up. Many of the concerns others had on the prevlence of certain immunties did styme at least on character most were able to contribute for the most part.

First Encounter:
With 3 arcane spell casters there was little they could do to the golems.

The second was also diffcult do to confined space but they enjoyed the limited role playing.
Second Encounter:
The confined creature was difficult to understand but they did well on the questiong. For the comabt there was a lot of character confused durring the encounter and also a lot grappled so it took a fair amount of time to complete

Optional was skip due to time.

Final encounter was tense due to the objective and with Hazard.

Final Encounter:
The Aucturn atmospher caused the swashbuckler a hard time as she spent alot of time confused and just babling in the mist.It took a whileto get started as the Villan was able to get the majority of the group bottlenecked by his Black Tentacles.

Overall the group found the scenario challenging with many feeling they were in serious in each encounter.

Convoluted to the extreme

**( )( )( )

Overall, this is a four star scenario, with a nice change up in the flow, and other decent encounter designs. It fails on three main points however.

First, the initial assumption that the PCs are going to obey Zarta Dralneen, instead of arresting, killing, or snubbing her. This is a half-loved, half-despised character, and should not be giving direct orders to regular Pathfinders.

Second, every single encounter in this scenario is extremely complicated, with pages of material for environmental effects, interactions (before, during, and after combat), and that doesn't even cover the statblocks. The combats would be overly deadly, except most GMs won't be able to keep track of everything going on.

Third, 7 books as resources, including four bestiaries, with every referenced creature *also* referencing additional books. This isn't quite the finale to Serpent's Ire, but it's close, and just too much for a Tier 3-7.

Edit: Post-play feedback - the encounter at the Arcanamirium essentially has no "early bail-out" option/rules, to simply avoid the encounter. It relies on the PCs to do as their told by some random faction head. Even with three members of that faction, they felt it best to just get rid of the creature.

There's definitely some kudos to be handed out for inclusions of some things, but overall it's a mess. A handout to track afflictions, room effects, etc., would have been helpful.

Edit: I wrote this review initially before running the scenario, but it failed to post correctly. Thankfully I managed to recover it (yay Lazarus). After running it, I stand by all the points above. We managed to have a fun night with it, despite *very* close to a TPK, but even the most engaged players were shaking their heads at a lot of the scenario.

Excellent Offering

****( )

I have both run and played this and have enjoyed it very much. It has a nice mix of skill, investigation and combat with interesting, varied and thematic encounters. It does look like it could run long, especially if you play the optional.

I definitely second the suggestion to bring your Dark Archive characters. It has excellent flavour for them.

A long-overdue follow-up and the beginning of something exciting

****( )

It seems season 9 will be the season of the cameo. Just about every scenario has had callbacks to earlier scenarios in it, and this one as well. Think back - when did you encounter a copper gate before? (I'm liking this new trend.)

This is a pretty neat Lovecraftian adventure. You meet interesting people and... things... and fight creepy stuff. Opponents were original and reasonably balanced (we had a 5-player APL 5.4 party playing the 4-player high tier, it was dicey but not unfair). There were some pretty tense moments.

I think the adventure caters nicely to a variety of party roles; you'll be happy going into this with a diverse party rather than all-arcane-specialists or all-muscle-lummoxes.

I have just one gripe, and it's something that happens in a lot of occult-themed adventures. Spoilers!

The adventure is quite occult-themed, so it makes sense to bring occult classes. But almost all of the enemies are immune to mind-affecting effects. So most occult classes can only do stuff at the fringes. I was able to be useful with my psychic by having superb knowledges and a spell selection built to deal with enemies immune to 90% of my class, but only barely.

By the way, the Dark Archive part of this adventure was really cool! Gift Certificates
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