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The Loot Divider: Science Fantasy Edition (SFRPG) Download

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Created as a Microsoft Excel workbook, The Loot Divider - Science Fantasy Edition is a tool that will facilitate Loot Sharing/Tracking for players of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game!THE SHEETS:

  • The Treasure! sheet is used to sell items and split the loot equally among players
  • The Players' Loot sheet lets you track which players took which items, so that everyone can have a fair share. This can help avoid conflicts when more than one player wishes to get a particular Item.
  • The Tracker sheet is similar in functionality to the Players' Loot sheet, but has less automation. It presents an alternative way to track treasure. It also features a Humanoid figure that can be used to show the locations of objects.
  • The Group sheet will hold any items considered to be owned by the Group.
  • The Item Builder sheet assists you in using the proper syntax for weapon creation.
  • The Reporting sheet allows you to generate formatted treasures reports to share over email/text, or to share on a BBCode compatible Forum
  • Can be used even if VBA/Macros are disabled, but with a loss of functionality
  • Has all the equipment and special materials of the Starfinder core rulebook
  • Easily create weapon fusions and fusion seals
  • Quickly enter Gems/Jewelry/Artworks with the '$' symbol
  • Allows for custom properties
  • New or Custom items can be easily added
  • Easily override the standard sell rate
  • Splits credits equally among all players
  • Generate text/BBCode Reports of treasure found
  • Can help reduce player conflicts by tracking individual Loot value
    PC: Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 Mac: Mac Excel 2011 Other (with loss of functionality): Open Office 4.1, LibreOffice 5.3
The Loot Divider will simplify your work in dividing loot!

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