Starfinder Miniatures: Pact Worlds Fleet

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Plunge millennia into the future of Pathfinder and find yourself amongst the galaxy with Starfinder!

Starfinder Miniatures: Pact Worlds Fleet includes:

  • Ringworks Wanderer, shuttle
  • Kevolari Venture, explorer
  • ATech Immortal, cruiser

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Dark Archive

The ships look much more detailed on these pictures!

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

they look nice enough no question but the price point is off putting. i can live with tokens for pcs and monsters but kind of thought three dimensional ships would help eliminate facing questions. at these prices i will mark the plastic base with f/l/b/r and go with tokens.

Dark Archive

Starfinder Superscriber

They look amazing and while the price is a little steep at 12 dollars a model roughly for painted models we will just have to see.

Liberty's Edge

Any ETA on these?

Dark Archive

Tarpeius wrote:
Any ETA on these?

If we´re lucky november.

But it could very well become december.

I hope we´ll get them this year. ;-)

Dark Archive

Moved to march 2018!

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Marco Massoudi wrote:
Moved to march 2018!

Here we are in March, and not even an updated ETA, let alone actual minis.

Gotta agree with the others re: high price. Especially considering the relatively small role starship combat tends to play so far in both the AP and SFS. In SFS, the starship combat is usually 1 encounter within a scenario, and occurs in perhaps 1 scenario in 3. The AP seems about the same. Of course, with homebrew campaigns, the ratio could vary wildly. Still, $35 + shipping for 3 minis is pretty steep, especially since you either will only use 2 for one-on-one combats, or will need more than 3 ships for more complicated combats. And again, they'll only see use every 3rd session or so, and almost certainly not for an entire session.

Any idea on when we'll see an updated ETA?

Dark Archive

I don't think these will be available before may or even june 2018, if ever.
Because wave 1 of the unpainted kickstarter minis are supposed to ship then.
So far only a few prototypes have been "produced".
If the first wave KS includes these ship minis, there will be enough additional ones produced, which then need to be painted by Ninja Division staff.
I wouldn't be surprized if these got cancelled, though.

Paizo Employee Licensing Manager

ETA update - these are currently in manufacturing and we have seen and approved samples coming off the production line. They should be available for sale starting at GenCon, and should reach stores later in August.

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