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The magic and mystery of the fey is on display in Faerie Bargains! From Rumpelstiltskin to Rapunzel, fairy tales, myths, and legends all over the world are replete with tales of bargains struck with the sublime and sometimes sinister magical creatures from the realms beyond. Long life, wealth beyond imagining, true love, or whatever your heart’s desire all wrapped up in a promise and a price that seems but a trifle, until the bargain comes due and the fair folk come to collect. Faerie Bargains provides you a richly detailed system for using this classic fantasy trope in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign. You can design your own faerie bargains or use one of the over 40 sample bargains provided, from bounty of the wilds and unseen assistants to woven wealth, silent metamorphosis, fey queen’s ransom, and one with the land! Each bargain grants a benefit once payment is made, of course, but you’ll also find rules for hidden conditions, escape clauses, tokens, and more, along with how to research and negotiate bargains with different kinds of fey and unique magical items you might obtain in a faerie bargain or make with fey assistance, like the cauldron of autumnal bounty and sword of vernal light. Whether your heroes want to trade their dreams for the charm of magic, a gift of blood for accursed mercy, or their sanity itself for inspired perfection, you’ll find an amazing array of mystical covenants that bring fantastic new flavor to the fey in your game! Grab this 32-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary!

If you love emphasizing the magic and majesty of the fey in your campaign, don't miss the other installments in our fey trilogy, Faerie Mysteries and Faerie Passions!

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Review of Faerie Bargains


The fey are some of my favorite monsters in Pathfinder. The way the game plays with the myths behind various creatures to make something both familiar and strange usually works very well. However, something that seems oddly missing from the Pathfinder game are the deals people once made with the fey. You know – 'I'll give you fine crops if you let me take your child away' and so forth. The bargains that grant a great reward, but demand a terrible price.

Well, now someone did. This PDF consists of 32 pages, with eight pages devoted to material such as the cover, table of contents, GL, etc, and twenty-four for all the let's make a deal goodness. It starts with an explanation of what fey bargains are in both setting and game terms. Basically, they happen when a fey uses its innate magic to offer a little something to a mortal who pleased them, or did them a favor, or sometimes when it's forced on them by a more powerful creature. We get told who can make these bargains – fey, unsurprisingly, as well as beings like hags, linnorms, unicorns, and others with links to the realm of the fey. There are limits on how many bargains a mortal can have or a fey can offer, though we get feats to aid with both of these limits.

Any gift a mortal gets can be used as a spell-like ability, usually. Of course there are a few things your new fey buddy won't tell you, and that some research can uncover. We get DCs and just how many Knowledge Points (as in Ultimate Intrigue's research rules) you need to score before you find out just how to break the bargain, as well as the little surprises that come along with the bargain free of charge. I like the latter idea; it feels so 'mythic'. And when you do research, you find both random encounters getting nastier and random kingdom events becoming less pleasant as the fey display their annoyance at your nosiness. Fey bargains are not to be lightly entered into!

The next section details how fey bargains are written up in game terms, along with their base CR, their value as treasure, and whatever price they demand from you. Oh yes, these aren't free. Some cost simple treasure, some cost life force or health in the form of permanent HP loss or ability score damage or drain, or even memories – and their associated class levels. Still want to deal?

Lastly comes a list of sample bargains and all related game information, ranging in CR from ½ – 21. They cover a wide gamut. You can deal with mites to gain power over vermin at the mere cost of a chunk of your flesh. You can learn to cast spells from cantrips to the mightiest of invocations at the cost of some of your magical power and of making the fey bargainer more powerful. You can enrich your land, learn healing abilities from unicorns, or gain wealth from the fey via the old spin-straw-into-gold bit. So what if it costs your first born? And yes, you break the bargain by learning their true name. Hello there, Rumpelstiltskin!

One thing I especially like about this is the number of bargains that work with kingdom building rules. You can enrich your land, bringing in better harvests at the price of leaving a hex otherwise untouched by civilization. Yes, the Goodman's Croft in Pathfinder! You can defend yourself and your realm against curses or magical manipulations, make your land and people feel youthful (granting increased healing and morale bonuses, improving the bonuses of certain buildings and land developments, etc). And all it costs is your shadow. Which allows the fey to take your form when they want. What trouble could that possibly cause? You can make a bargain that enriches the land, but only as long as the ruler stays healthy. And the fey can make one simple request of you that must be obeyed. Your troops and armies can become mightier in battle but they can't confront or even notice the fey, and more.

One I truly love allows the mortal to bargain away everyone with less than 10 hit dice within twelve miles, sending them all into a state of fugue within the fey realms. This is an odd but definitely useful way to save people from a disaster. Of course, the fey can summon them to serve itself whenever it wants. Until you can trick or convince it to express regret for doing so. Just think of the story possibilities with this one!

You can get personal benefits too. Aside from the ones already mentioned, you can be granted the gift of shapeshifting at the price of your identity. A ruler can gain mythic powers for giving parts of their kingdom away – land, cities, farms, people and all. The more you lose, the more power you get. Until someone kills the fey. Who has now gained as many mythic ranks as the mortal bargainer. What a way to make a mythic villain to oppose the PCs! Or gain a voice fit to sing with the angels at the low price of your sanity. Really, the ideas these give players and GMs alike are amazing.

The last part is a few magic items, some granted in fey bargains. Some aid individuals, like the green girdle of invulnerability. It grants incredible healing powers and allows the wearer to replace severed limbs. Yes, the Green Knight. Or the stone throne of destiny, allowing a ruler seated in it certain luck bonuses. Four particular items are best used by rulers, as they aid the realm or its armies. The cauldron of autumnal bounty, the staff of summer's might, the stone of wintry charm, and the sword of vernal light are all waiting for brave and foolish rulers willing to make the proper sacrifice for them.

This is an amazing piece of work, granting new options for desperate or foolish players, and new toys to GMs who want to see what the PCs will do for a little power boost. The listed bargains and the prices for them all have the tone of real fey mythology, but done in ways that make them workable in the game. And with some tinkering here and there they can also work as new genie wishes, fiendish bargains, and the like. Five stars and my firm recommendation for anyone and everyone!

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

Your heroes will get more than they bargained for when they make a deal with the fey!

Like what you get at Wayfair.com or Overstock.com? ;)

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

No way man, WAY better than that stuff!

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Maaaan! This sounds ultra cool!

I've been reading through Faerie Mysteries this past week. I may have to add this one to the queue.

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

It's a neat system and fits in very well with what you find in Faerie Mysteries.

I've got this one and while I have yet to do a review, I will say that it's an amazing piece of work. The mechanics of the bargains catch the 'feel' of dealings with the fae from real-world myth.

Any chance you'll ever do a similar product for dealings with fiends or even outsiders in general?

Just did the review, and I truly love all the little bits of real-world myth that were turned into game worthy material while keeping their mythic feel. The woven wealth bargain and how to escape it, the various gifts of knowledge or skill at the cost of sanity or life, the green girdle of invulnerability... Yeah, this one's a keeper.

Congratulations to Faerie Bargains for hitting the #4 spot on the top ten list of 'top downloads from other companies'! Now if it can just get a few more reviews.

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