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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Society Scenario #8-25: Unleashing the Untouchable (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 9 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 12-15.

The Pathfinder Society has secured the tools and uncovered the secret to shattering the Untouchable Opal and liberating the demigod within. All the Pathfinders lack is an impossibly hot flame—one that can match the searing hatred of Ymeri herself. The Society's best bet is Kandirion's Pyre, a supernatural forge situated where the elemental planes of earth and fire relentlessly batter each other. Freeing a demigod could send ripples through the multiverse and attract the attention of powerful creatures. Only the greatest agents stand a chance of breaking the Opal and surviving.

Written by Robert Brookes.

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***** (based on 9 ratings)

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Epic feel, well written and easy to run


So far I have run this at low tier and played it at high. I am due to run it at least twice more and high and low tier.

This is absolutely the sort of adventure I hope to see at seeker tier. Characters taking on tasks which have potentially major ramifications in epic settings against very dangerous enemies.

More like this for seeker tier play please. Highly recommended.

A scenario to make Seekers FEEL like seekers


I played this with a group of 6 characters, all firmly high tier.

I really liked the scenario in general. It embodied what play at this level should feel like. Epic characters on an Epic mission. A very satisfying end to Season 8. It basically just expects characters to take all sorts of precautions and will viciously kill you if you don't. But it is quite manageable if you DO take the precautions.

And there was even some interesting roleplaying in what was basically a dungeon crawl.

Roleplaying Spoiler:
The group had 3 paladins in it. You can imagine the initial reaction when we encountered the prisoner. But he was SO reasonable and SO well written that we actually talked to him and actually made a deal with him. That shows very good writing and, admittedly, GMing

We had a good GM and I imagine that helped a lot. This could be a nightmare with a bad GM (but that is probably true for most high level scenarios).

The combats were interesting and challenging. We didn't lose anybody but it was obvious in a couple that death was a possibility.

First Encounter:

I hate with a fiery passion the Troop mechanics that Paizo have. I've spent a LOT of resources to get my defences as high as they are and suddenly they are irrelevant. A battle with a troop doesn't feel even remotely like a battle with a bunch of enemies would feel like. Slightly altereing the swarm rules was a major mistake.

That said, the Troop rules were really the only way to handle that first encounter. When we were told that we saw hundreds of Elementals ahead of us I'd assumed it was going to be some skill challenge thingy. Actually fighting them was more interesting. But I still HATE the Troop rules :-)

One Epic Moment:
I found it quite fitting and amusing that at one point an artifact (minor one sure, but still an artifact) is almost casually destroyed as essentially background. More than one Campaign has had destroying an artifact as the whole purpose, and here it just happens. Wonderful moment

Oh, and on a purely mercenary note, I love the potentially available boons. Especially the one that can be applied to other characters. Wonderful.

Profoundly awesome


Played this low-tier at GenCon 2017 with a skilled, experienced GM (which makes all the difference!)

The Good
*The combats were tough but interesting, and went fairly quickly- no slogfests here!
*The RP opportunities were excellent, without becoming a time sink.
*The threats seemed very real, with immanent danger of PC death- or worse! This was threat with a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. I don't enjoy brutality for brutality's sake, and there was none of that here. Bravo!
*This scenario offered actual moral considerations for the PCs, and not just of the 'good vs evil' variety. My Cleric actually had to take time to think very carefully about what her Deity would expect from her at several key points- something that doesn't happen often in PFS.

The Bad
*This was (understandably) tied closely into Season 8, so if your Seeker dates from anytime earlier in the campaign, your PC will not have had much if any prior contact with the metaplot, which would be disappointing. Happily, I didn't have that issue, having completed Eyes less than a month before. Playing Season 8 material with other PCs still allows the player to enjoy the metaplot, on a one-level-removed basis.
*Time. As I said, we had an experienced GM with good time management skills, so we were able to have a good experience in a tightly timed convention time slot. This scenario could have easily run 6 hours or longer. In another environment where time limits are more flexible, I wouldn't rate this as a 'bad' thing- but it's something to keep in mind.

All in all, this was one of the best PFS experiences I have ever had! Please make more!

Wimps need not apply


This was high-level play as it should be. You want a couple of cakewalk combats sandwiched in between some extended social encounters? Get back to tier 7-8. Heroes risk death.

Actually, the story provided several opportunities for excellent RP, and any group playing high tier knows or ought to know those opportunities always exist- it's up to the GM and the players to make the most of them.

What is more challenging, however, is to weave those RP opportunities into a compelling story that fits the arc of the season AND provides opportunities to showcase the awesome stuff that the characters can do and the players are dying to show off, as well as actually challenging them in combat. This scenario did all of those things.

Of course an excellent GM maximizes all of this... I had the privilege of doing this scenario at Gencon with Andrew Shumate. He is lawful evil and murderously creative. One of the special abilities of a baddie (no spoilers) was very unique, and he actually seemed to relish the opportunity to upset people with it. Twisted. Can't wait to play with him again.

Highly recommend this scenario. PAIZO, MAKE MORE SEEKER SCENARIOS!!

High level beat down

****( )

I got the chance to play this at GenCon on the lower tier, where the GM had run it 2-3 times previously. We were tested at keeping to time, partly due to high level play and partly due to most of us not playing those characters for the better part of a year or 2.
I was slightly annoyed that several in game bonuses were based off of Season 8 scenario benefits. If your Seeker played a lot of Season 8, this will be icing on the cake that was this scenario. If you last played PFS scenarios during Season 6, less so.
I found the combats to be challenging, without being brutal. My character had 2 out of her 4 closest brushes with death during this scenario. She had a bad day, but I had a blast playing it.
There was virtually no chance for roleplaying in this scenario, which is a bit of a let down as well.
And yeah, that final boss is no pushover. I can't wait to see the fallout from this in future scenarios.
Overall, I'd give it 4.5/5 stars.

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