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13 Things: Police Magic and High-Tech Items PDF

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Whether you're playing a cop, running a law-enforcement based campaign or just looking for a few tricks to make the police more competitive against the crooks, 13 Things: Magical & High Tech Items for Police has just what you need.

Presented are 13 enhanced pieces of equipment (some of which have variants, for an actual total of 20 individual items) that are sure to give your cop the edge they need from the magically lucky badge to hypersonic fear-inducing crime scene tape.

As with most paNik products, 13 Things: Magical & High Tech Items for Police is compatible with 5 different systems:
• Pathfinder
• Savage Worlds
• Fate
• Fudge
• Entropic Gaming System

...and all for the low, low price of a baker's dozen worth of dimes.

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