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Crisis of the World Eater: The Collected Epic a 106-page adventure written by Michael McCarthy for 5th to 17th level player characters.

For the first time ever, the complete Crisis of the World Eater epic four-part campaign serial is available in one collected source.

A warning too late

All across the world, an unexpected psychic broadcast seeps into the mind of every living thing, filling their minds with portents of death and destruction. Tens of thousands of people, especially those attuned to magical forces, are driven to suicide. The Confederated Nations, the world’s most bountiful empire, immediately launch an investigation, tracing the broadcast back to the Kray Wasteland. The wasteland is the result of the Kray Comet striking the world just over a century ago, a thousand miles south of the Capitol of the Confederated Nations. Officially, it is too irradiated to enter safely, but facing the possibility of another deadly broadcast, they have little choice. Instead of a crater, however, the supposed impact site is home to a squat, grey complex. Decades ago, this now-abandoned laboratory was used to endow a dedicated group of warriors with extraordinary abilities. Only three of these super-warriors remain: the powerful Vault, the clever Synapse, and the raging Ozone. Drawn by the same broadcast that killed so many others, they have returned to the Complex. They know what lies at the center - not a meteor, but a powerful entity from another world, who arrived here nearly a century ago with a grave warning.

Immortal Wrath of the Armaggedon Angel

An angel of destruction falls from the sky, threatening the very heart of the Empire of Confederated Nations. Our heroes must reach the heart of a city under attack from above and confront the angel - Asa the Seeker. Yet even with the Asa’s defeat, the world is in danger from his approaching master: the only hope is to delve into the Vault of the empires founders and recover the very thing they used to make it great: the Seed of Change, an artifact with the power to erase even a god.

Devourer of a Thousand Worlds

The end has come! Saitan, the Deliverer of Omega has arrived with the intent of reducing the world to ash. The heroes must take to the skies and fight their way up to Saitan’s planet-sized home in a salvaged ship, and confront the titan head on! But greater powers still intervene in the fight, and amid exploring a Saitan’s impossibly huge vessel, the party is drawn into another world entirely. In this surreal landscape, the heroes must stand toe-to-toe with entities that shape reality and probability itself and prove they have what it takes to face the titan and stop her once and for all!

Inheritor of Entropy Heart

Saitan’s defeat proved only the beginning, and now distant planets are pulling themselves apart in the skies! Worse still, one of the greatest allies of the fight has gone missing - and now needs to be rescued from a vessel that exists in many places at once. Our heroes find themselves embroiled in a fight for the very future of existence itself, and are forced to confront the new herald of Omega, the leader of a shadowy organization that has been dogging them since their journey began. The decisions they make throughout this adventure will cement the fate of their empire, their world... and maybe all of existence itself.

Can the heroes prevent this Crisis from happening or
will the heroes fail causing the death and destruction of a world?
You decide!

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This adventure looks amazing, but in the final length alot of the enemy stat blocks are referenced to Adversaries of Crisis. I cannot seem to find this resource anywhere. Is it something I overlooked, or is it a different product?

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