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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Avalon Battle Tiles, Sci-Fi Chambers, Set 1 Style 1 PDF

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Avalon is proud to present a series of 2-D battle ties for use in your games, be it an RPG, tabletop miniature game or for use by publishers and gamers in designing Sci-Fi layouts.

Each set of these tiles comes as a layered PDF, allowing you to turn on and off set features on the tiles. This allows you to create hundreds of possible tiles from the single set.

Add to that the ability to buy more sets and combine them together and you have a great new tool at your fingertips for generated outposts, starships and environments for your gaming needs.

Each tile is set to a square equaling 5’ so you can use your collection of miniatures or paper models right sway.

This is a layered PDF product and you will need a PDF reader that allows use of layers to fully use this product. Avalon recommends that you have Acrobat 6.5 of higher, but any PDF reader that allows the use of layers will do just fine. These are large files, as we have given you the best resolution and tons of options on each tile, and thus this has generated rather large files, so expect a longer download then you would normally have with an Avalon product.

This set offers Sci-Fi 10’ Passages with the following features…
X1 15’ by 15’ Chamber
X1 20’ by 20’ Chamber
X1 20’ by 30’ Chamber

Features Include:
Gravity Well
X2 Types of Elevators
Control Stations
Ship Systems
Security Systems
Port Holes
Alien Slime Filled
Alien Plant Infestations
Alien Tentacles
Radiation Clouds
Several Doors Ways, including Bulkhead Doors, Sliding panels and Lever pulled doors.

Publishers Notes
These tiles may be used by publishers for their products, either as a PDF or in print. These tiles may be used to design maps and dungeon layouts in your products, either as a map or as a tactical battle tile. You may not though republish these tiles by themselves or as part of a collection.

Product Availability

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