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Pathfinder Paper Minis—Jade Regent Adventure Path Part 5: "Tide of Honor" (PFRPG) PDF

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Earn the trust of a nation by battling monstrous creatures and wicked agents of the empire! This set contains over 75 bespoke paper miniatures for use in Tide of Honor, the fifth installment in the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Barge Crew, Ja noi fighter (8)
  • Bekko-eki, Advanced dragon turtle (Huge)
  • Daikan Tetsuku, Kuwa oni fighter (6)
  • Dark Shogi-ka Master, Greater shadow (4)
  • Dread Wraith, Advanced giant wraith (3) (Large)
  • Gangasum, Male human barbarian
  • Greater Shadow (4)
  • Habesuta Hatsue, Female human monk (sohei)/paladin of Irori Hirabashi
  • Jiro, Male human samurai Ilgamal, Male human fighter/rogue
  • Kaibuninsho, Male human ninja
  • Kamuy-Paro, Male human druid of Lady Nanbyo
  • Kazuo the Yojimbo, Male ogre mage fighter (Large)
  • Kekko-shou, Advanced dragon turtle (Huge)
  • Nigankona, Male fire yai (Large)
  • Nobunobu, Male atamahuta (Large)
  • Numataro-sama, Male kappa oracle of lore
  • O-Sayumi, Female human bard (lotus geisha)
  • Pearl Diver, Advanced lacedon expert (6)
  • Shadow Sentinel, Advanced greater shadow (2)
  • Sikutsu Samurai, Human samurai (4)
  • Sikutsu Sennaka, Male human samurai
  • Spectre Tenebrous Worm (4)
  • Tokikokito, Female atamahuta (Large)
  • Tos Katun, Female human natural weretiger ranger (skirmisher) (Large)
  • Tosakage, Male advanced nue (Large)
  • Typhoon Guard, Yamabushi tengu ranger/rogue (6)
  • Vengeful Wood Spirit, Advanced variant wood golem (3)
  • Veteran Bandit, Raider (6)
  • Yugureda Shosaito, Male human illusionist
  • Yugureda's housekeeper, Female manananggal rogue (4)

Artwork by Todd Westcot

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Our Price: $4.99

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