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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Adventurer's Guide (PFRPG)

***( )( ) (based on 30 ratings)
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Adventurer's Guide (PFRPG)
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Being an adventurer is a dangerous line of work, but the rewards are well worth the risk. The smartest adventurers never go it alone—they not only bring allies to help explore the dangerous reaches of the world, but also seek aid in the form of support, supplies, and secrets from powerful organizations. With such a group to serve as a guide, an adventuring party's chances for success have never been better!

Pathfinder RPG Adventurer's Guide presents several such organizations, each with its own suite of benefits and boons to grant those affiliated with it. Designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and drawing upon the rich traditions of the official Pathfinder campaign setting, this indispensable guide for adventurers provides a wealth of new character options for your game.

Pathfinder RPG Adventurer's Guide includes:

  • Details on 18 different organizations that use adventurers to further their goals, including the law-enforcing Hellknights, the sinister assassins of the Red Mantis, and of course, the world-renowned Pathfinder Society itself.
  • A wealth of new player options, including feats, spells, magic items, prestige classes, archetypes, and new abilities and powers for a wide range of classes.
  • Rules and advice on how to incorporate the new options found in this book into your own game, whether it takes place in the official Pathfinder campaign setting or in a world of your own choice or design.
  • Notes on the movers and shakers of each organization—nonplayer characters who can come alive in your game as allies and advisors for the player characters.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-938-7

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscription.

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Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 30 ratings)

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The worst core line offering by far

*( )( )( )( )

The title is misleading, as was posited by many during the product preview, and mealy-mouthedly denied by Paizo. This is a Golarion book, period, which has no place in the core line, and the contents consist of an insultingly large percentage of reprints. Shameful, really.

Good Product if New

****( )

Soooo...I'm going to say that I obsessively collect Pathfinder products, and as such, much of this material is old hat for me. Emphasis here is 'for me.' With that said, I want to examine this in a vacuum.

The artwork is good, but then, it's been good. It serves more as a 'Faction Guide 2' for me than anything, giving some details about the various organizations, class options, feats, and ties. In particular, though, I like that I don't have to flip through two or three books to get character options for the factions. Hellknights in particular were always a pain due to how diffuse their rules were. I can now hand this book to a person and say "here ya go. Here's some ideas of factions in the setting."

One drawback, as has been mentioned, is spoilers for the various APs. While I use those sparingly, it can be somewhat problematic, and I'd suggest steering players away from this if that's the case.

Overall, it's a decent enough product. If you're new to the setting, it's worth picking up as a nice collected list. If you're old hat, a few options inside are interesting enough, and a few setting updates are worth examining. I'm particularly interested in the Lantern Bearers' new direction.

Solid addition with some faults

****( )

This book helps clear up and collect a lot of older material, balanced now with other released material for GMs. It also adds in a wealth of new material for factions of Adventurers across Golarion.

What's good?
A solid collection of old and new under one singular heading.

What's bad?
Some factions contain major spoilers, making it hard for a GM to just pass off to players who may be playing certain APs.

What's fun?
Inclusion of multiple races and creeds and even transgendered factions and npcs in multiple parts of the book. This book really fleshed out some factions which had little to no crunch.

What's odd?
Certain feats are fun but others are less the useable. A feat that allows a bonus on maneuvers but doesn't stack with improved maneuver feats? Those are the ones that help avoid AoO. So what's the point of the feat? Additionally a heads up to some people about the amount of reprints would have calmed an angry section of customers.

Honestly I love the book and can't wait to try out some of the new material and some of the updated versions of older (and due to other books options more unbalanced) options.

When you get past the salty tears of angry optimizers, you're left with a fine entry into the guides section with Inner Seas flavour.

Excellent product, although buyers need to know what's in it


I don't have subscriptions any more, although I have kept up with the RPG core line and some of the Golarion stuff. I bought this out of interest and was happily surprised at the quality of the writing, the interesting organisations and a lot of intriguing crunch. For people who have all the publications from which some of this this material was taken it might be a bit less of a happy purchase, but for the rest of us I think it's excellent; I do actually think that the odd compilation of some of the most applicable/best crunch from the voluminous Golarion products, including updates (which might sometimes be nerfs) is a pretty good idea, to be honest. Additionally, with this product, I think that most of the organisations would be pretty easy to adapt into other worlds.

There's an element of "social justice project" in parts of it--which is in keeping with Paizo's fairly longstanding progressive approach, but will probably annoy some people given Golarion's design as a parallel not-earth--but I doubt it would negatively impact the play even of people that didn't agree with the goals.

The highlights for me were the Bellflower Network, which I think would fit in many worlds (although I like it's Halfling focus, which is particularly designed for Golarion's Cheliax) and I always like the Aspis Consortium. Lowlights would be the godamned Eagle Knights, but that's not surprising as Paizo's always at risk of masturbatory excess when writing about Andoran (I preferred it when the only thing we knew about Andoran was Darkmoon Vale) and those damned Pathfinders.

Still, all in all, very solid; not just interesting for game purposes, with plenty of interesting crunch, but also a pleasure to read.

I love the flavor more than the mechanics


I just wanted to say that I have not really been interested in the product line since Advanced Class Guide. Between this and the new Qadiran book I've been really happy and engaged with this game system again. I've always felt that flavor trumps mechanics and reward my players for playing in the campaign setting. Thank you very much for this book. Even with the reprints, I feel this book allows me to flesh out the world more fully and hope these last two books herald a return to the campaign setting instead of the rules. Thank you very much for publishing this book and I really hope you continue to publish more in the way of the world. I'd love to see another AP that shows more of the world of Qadira, as well as the special edition of Legacy of Fire. PS - if you do another Qadiran book, please please please do a nicer special edition volume than you did for Crimson throne. While it was very nice, I liked the special edition of Rise of the Runelords more.

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