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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Adventurer's Guide (PFRPG)

***( )( ) (based on 25 ratings)
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Adventurer's Guide (PFRPG)

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Being an adventurer is a dangerous line of work, but the rewards are well worth the risk. The smartest adventurers never go it alone—they not only bring allies to help explore the dangerous reaches of the world, but also seek aid in the form of support, supplies, and secrets from powerful organizations. With such a group to serve as a guide, an adventuring party's chances for success have never been better!

Pathfinder RPG Adventurer's Guide presents several such organizations, each with its own suite of benefits and boons to grant those affiliated with it. Designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and drawing upon the rich traditions of the official Pathfinder campaign setting, this indispensable guide for adventurers provides a wealth of new character options for your game.

Pathfinder RPG Adventurer's Guide includes:

  • Details on 18 different organizations that use adventurers to further their goals, including the law-enforcing Hellknights, the sinister assassins of the Red Mantis, and of course, the world-renowned Pathfinder Society itself.
  • A wealth of new player options, including feats, spells, magic items, prestige classes, archetypes, and new abilities and powers for a wide range of classes.
  • Rules and advice on how to incorporate the new options found in this book into your own game, whether it takes place in the official Pathfinder campaign setting or in a world of your own choice or design.
  • Notes on the movers and shakers of each organization—nonplayer characters who can come alive in your game as allies and advisors for the player characters.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-938-7

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscription.

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Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 25 ratings)

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Much needed book


I am glad that that Paizo is finally releasing campaign material in the RPG line. This was a much needed book to collect many rules that have been published throughout Pathfinder's existence and consolidate and update them. I love the flavor and the updates to all the existing organizations as well as the detail added to the organizations bringing them up to date in 4717

This book actively made me angry

*( )( )( )( )

So I bought the adventurer's guide the other day, and I liked the book a lot until I got to the Sanguine Angel. The class requires Improved Shield Bash and Iron Will (trash feats), plus weapon focus longsword and a gender requirement, so I wasn't particularly interested right off the bat.

Then I saw what it could pick up at level 2: Furious Huntress, which gives STRENGTH TO ATTACK ROLLS WITH BOWS.

This is the first instance of this ability which literally makes a bunch of brand new archery builds all by itself, AND YOU PUT IT ON A PRC WITH LITERALLY NO TIES TO ARCHERY AT ALL WITH A BUNCH OF UNRELATED FEAT REQUIREMENTS AND STUPID FLAVOR REQUIREMENTS!!!!!


You could have put this on an archery based prc or archetype, made it a feat or a weapon enhancement and made my day, but instead you staple it onto a completely unusable PrC that has nothing to do with archery. WHY?!?!

I'm so sick of having to cherry pick abilities from behind pointless gating or places that make no sense to come from just to do something new and interesting. I'm tired of stupid inconsistent and illogical rules FAQs that change how rules should intuitively work to cut off what you percieve to be overpowered (Changing Dex to Dmg so you can only get 1.5x with 2handed on an Unchained rogue, but no 2x dex from other sources, this is a stupid ruling).

Why do you keep doing these things? Why do I need to jump through so many damn hoops just to get a basic uninteresting but otherwise ESSENTIAL STATS BUFF? If you're worried about power level, it's way too late, because the scaling in pathfinder is already way too out of control. It's far too easy to deal hundreds of damage in a round past level 9 or so.

I'm really tired of these stupid senseless choices, the unintuitive nature of classes and rulings that are only made to clearly cut off specific build paths.


***( )( )

At ten bucks, the PDF is still a good deal, as with all of the RPG line.

Golarion organizations aren't one of the setting's stronger points, at least going by the selection here. They're more geographically restricted than deities (one even being associated with a single person). I play games set in Golarion, and the organizations still aren't useful as-is. The book suffers from its focus on them, with archetypes trading out features just to fit narrow themes.

The best example is the red mantis assassins. They were given as an example of how the book would be useful for people who aren't using Golarion- if you need a generic assassin, just grab stuff from the red mantis section. Only normal assassins don't want to use an over-designed exotic weapon sword that they can't conceal, and never have any reason to want to look like, summon, or turn into a giant bug. The group comes across as very two-dimensional, with most stuff related to one of those two things. While other groups,

Prestige class content was mostly cleaning up and expanding the existing prestige classes- useful, but not very exciting. No major adjustments made for psychic classes, and some of the usual limited

There were some good new archetypes (especially the Rivethun section), but a personal count turned up fewer that I'd consider when using the class than Horror Adventures had.

All in all, I was initially excited to get a bunch of new archetypes and prestige classes. I'd still want that sort of book, but with a more useful theme (e.g. different types of outsiders, generic organizations, the classes themselves, or the Pathfinder deities). As an experiment, it didn't do as well as the recent themed books like Horror Adventures, Ultimate Intrigue, and Occult Adventures.

Reprints and lore

***( )( )

Like everyone else, I was kinda expecting more from this and got a mainline title that's golarion specific with a lack of new content. What new content there is happens to be nice, but not really worth the price of admission unless you're big into golarion lore.

A Great Resource for Golarion, But EXTREMELY Spoilery

***( )( )

This book is a bit of an unusual choice for a main series book; it's too long to be a Campaign Setting supplement, but it's also decidedly rooted in Golarion. This isn't a bad thing in my opinion: the Pathfinder setting is one of Paizo's strengths, and this book adds a lot of depth and nuance to the world. Unfortunately, that's also part of the problem.

So first, the pros; The Adventurer's Guide is full of player options, including what might be the largest collection of prestige classes released so far in Pathfinder. Some options are reprinted, but others are entirely new (and open up very interesting RP opportunities). This book is all about tying your character into the setting, or building flavorful NPCs, so on that front it excels. If you don't care much for Golarion, however, it comes across as a bit weaker.

Many of the options are extremely flavorful and unusual, and reference previous adventure paths quite heavily. The Gray Maidens, Council of Thieves, Lantern Bearers, and Silver Ravens all make an appearance here.

Unfortunately, this is also kind of a weakness, as the book assumes you're working in a post-Adventure Path setting. It's great to know what happens to the Grey Maidens after Curse of the Crimson Throne, and the new options given within can lead to the creation of more powerful NPCs, but if you're a player in my campaign I'd be reluctant to give this book to you because it gives away so much. The same thing applies to Second Darkness (which casually drops one of the biggest plot twists of the story in the Lantern Bearer's description), the Council of Thieves (which spoils the AP's ending in a Medium spirit description) and the Silver Ravens (which sucks because I would want to play an Argent Voice in a Hell's Rebels campaign).

I'm looking forward to the spoiler-free version of this, but as it stands this isn't a book I can share with my players directly, and that makes me kind of sad.

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