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Psionics Augmented: Occultists (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 1 rating)

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With the Psionics Augmented: Occult project, Dreamscarred Press is working to integrate the new psychic magic from Pathfinder RPG: Occult Adventures into the psionics system from Ultimate Psionics and related products. Within the pages of these releases you'll find new feats, archetypes, items, and more, bringing psionic takes on psychic classes, psychic takes on psionic classes, and everything in-between. Psionics Augmented: Occultists is the latest entry in this project.

Within its pages you'll find:

  • Two new occultist archetypes, the sealing-focused Govi and the psionic Shattered Mind.

  • A psion, the Cryptographer archetype tied to the occultist's implements.

  • Seven new implement schools accessible to all occultists; one for each psionic discipline.

  • Two new feats for occultists.

Psionics Augmented: Occultists is a great addition to any table that uses the Occult or Psionic rules in their Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Written by Forrest Heck, Kevin Ryan, Doug Haworth, and Adam Boucher, with artwork by Rick Hershey, Storn Cook, and Tithi Luadthong.

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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I enjoyed both Dreamscarred's take on psionics and the psychic magic introduced in Occult Adventures, so when Dreamscarred announced they had plans to bridge the gap between the two, I was excited to see how they'd do it, and so far the results have been pretty interesting. To me, though, this book may be the best yet -- or at least tied with Mind & Soul for that honor. I have been fascinated by the occultist class ever since OA came out, and I bought this with great skepticism that Dreamscarred would be able to pull off what they promised. Psionic implements -- for everyone?

You know what? They did it. And they did it in a way that makes PERFECT sense. When I saw designer Forrest Heck's name on the cover, I should have never doubted. Everything she has touched lately has found a way to blend innovative approaches seamlessly into the existing framework of the game. On top of the new implement schools, we get two new archetypes for the occultist -- one geared specifically to psionics, and one that is more traditional yet no less fascinating. And we get a psion archetype that gains occultist focus powers (from a psionic or psychic implement) instead of his normal discipline powers. Great stuff! Oh, and there are two relevant feats at the end, including one that lets you build an implement-wielding soulknife.

There are a couple of minor editing mistakes that I noticed, but nothing that trips this up. If you're skeptical like I was, don't be. This is exactly what I was looking for: a psionic version of the occultist -- plus a bunch of extra stuff that turned out to also be very cool. All of this will immediately find a home at my table. Gift Certificates
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