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Legendary Planet: Dead Vault Descent (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 1 rating)

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Steel and Death Under a Gentle Sunset

Still seeking a way home, your heroes use their newfound knowledge and a daring heist from the dangerous Thanex Coterie to reactivate a long dormant interplanetary gate. Traveling to the lost world of Kylorn, a tidally locked planet half scorched by eternal sunshine, half frozen by endless darkness, they must descend into the dead vaults beneath the planet's surface and travel from the frozen dark side of the planet through the picturesque sunset lands to the burning inferno of the scorching Daylands in search of Kylorn's primary portal. Along the way, they must face lethal sentient automatons and deathless undead legions locked in a perpetual war for centuries, while shapeshifting assassins, powerful guardians, and the deadly extremes of the planet itself promise death or glory to the PCs on their Dead Vault Descent!

Dead Vault Descent is an adventure for 8th to 10th level characters using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The latest chapter in the amazing Legendary Planet Adventure Path, a spectacular sword-and-planet saga from Legendary Games blending sci-fi and fantasy, magic and machine with an exciting pulp sensibility and style. Dead Vault Descent includes not only a massive interplanetary adventure but also brand-new monsters, magic, and technology, including new archetypes and feats blending magic and machinery, along with a full gazetteer of the Sunset World of Kylorn and its inhabitants and an ongoing fiction series. Here you will find amazing adventures that span the stars and plunder the planets in a campaign that takes your heroes to 20th level and beyond! Grab this exotic epic today and Make Your Game Legendary!

This 108-page PDF or 106-page print volume contains the following • "Dead Vault Descent," a Pathfinder adventure for 11th to 14th-level characters by Matt Goodall • Five fantastic new monsters: the all-consuming amalgamite swarm, the enigmatic robotic divymm race, the sinister shapeshifting hetzuud, the sturdy and faithful narav lizard, and the lethal toxic eradicator! • 8 new technological and magical items, including the energy blade, convocation stone, dauntless jacket, and the malevolent necromantic box! • A detailed gazetteer of the broken world of Kylorn, tidally locked with one side blasted by eternal sunshine and the other frozen in endless night, plus the massive tunnel system riddling the under-realms of the planet where undying machines and immortal undead wage and unending shadow war. • A detailed look at archetypes and feats blending magic and machinery as they pry into the secrets of the stars and the deep places of worlds they explore, like the delver wizard and engram channeler to the nanotech infuser and robot fighter! • A downloadable PDF art and map folio, featuring unkeyed player-friendly maps and more. • And last but not least, “Machine Language,” the latest chapter in Chris A. Jackson's ongoing tale of Anasya, an interplanetary adventurer caught up in an endless war between deathless enemies as she must talk her way through deadly danger from a mechanical menace.

For further information on the earlier adventures in the Legendary Planet Adventure Path and upcoming adventures like The Depths of Desperation and Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons, pick up the Legendary Planet Player's Guide and check the Legendary Games website!

The Legendary Planet Adventure Path includes the 1st-level prequel adventure The Assimilation Strain and the following adventures:

  • #1: To Worlds Unknown (2nd to 5th level)
  • #2: The Scavenged Codex (5th to 7th level)
  • #3: Dead Vault Descent (8th to 10th level)
  • #4: Confederates of the Shattered Zone (11th to 14th level)
  • #5: The Depths of Desperation (15th to 16th level)
  • #6: Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons (17th to 18th level)
  • #7: To Kill a Star (19th to 20th level)

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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Disclaimer: I backed the Kickstarter for the Legendary Planet Adventure Path and received a copy of this as part of that.

As noted on the handy list above, Dead Vault Descent is Part 3 of the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, and by this point, you probably have a pretty good idea of whether or not you want to keep playing it. That is, I'm honestly not sure my review here is going to sway you one way or the other... but I would like to talk about the contents.

The previous adventure was something of a scavenger quest on a barren world, and like the other adventures in this campaign, Dead Vault Descent goes somewhere new - a tidally locked world where the sun hangs stationary in the sky and deep vaults burrow underground. Of course, in order to get there, the players are going to have to find a way through the next gate, and that's never as easy as they'd like... alas, I can't say much more because of spoilers.

Suffice it to say that Dead Vault Descent continues to maintain the level of quality we've come to expect from this Adventure Path, and there's plenty of content in addition to the material. From a nasty new construct swarm to what is definitely not a lightsaber (you can make ranged attacks with it, too!), there's a lot of good stuff to be found in this book and I'm looking forward to the point when my players reach it.

If you liked the previous adventures, know that this is a solid follow-up that will continue to challenge your players... and prepare them for the greater challenge to come. Gift Certificates
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