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Starfinder Adventure Path: Temple of the Twelve (Dead Suns 2 of 6)

***** (based on 2 ratings)
Starfinder Adventure Path: Temple of the Twelve (Dead Suns 2 of 6)

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Welcome to the Jungle

Now members of the Starfinder Society and piloting their very own ship, the heroes head to the planet Castrovel, home of some of the best universities in the Pact Worlds, to research the clues they found on the mysterious asteroid called the Drift Rock. On Castrovel, the adventurers' findings point them toward an ancient elven temple-city called the Temple of the Twelve, lost deep within Castrovel's teeming wilderness. But in addition to the dangerous flora and fauna of the jungle, the heroes must contend with two other factions—the exiled Corpse Fleet of Eox and the Cult of the Devourer—who are also interested in the asteroid's secrets and have their own plans for the ancient alien technology behind it, if they can find it first!

This volume of Starfinder Adventure Path continues the Dead Suns Adventure Path and includes:

  • "Temple of the Twelve," a Starfinder adventure for 3rd-level characters, by John Compton.
  • A gazetteer of the wild planet of Castrovel, by John Compton and James L. Sutter.
  • Details on the destructive Cult of the Devourer, including a new mystic connection and new cult gear, by Owen K.C. Stephens.
  • An archive of strange new alien creatures, by John Compton, Jason Keeley, and Robert G. McCreary.
  • Statistics and deck plans for a new starship, by John Compton, plus details on a moon whose planet disappeared into a black hole in the Codex of Worlds, by Jason Keeley.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-976-9

Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Sanctioned Content
Temple of the Twelve is sanctioned for use in Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.

Download the Dead Suns Adventure Path rules and Chronicle sheets — (427 kb zip/PDF)

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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A Great Second Entry


Temple of the Twelve starts delivering big on the promises of Star Finder; namely by bringing a great mix of technology, magic, planet hopping, and history together for a unique story that could only be told in a world where starships and spell-slingers are side by side.

My review of Incident At Absalom Station commented that it was a bit of a bland space opera. Temple of the Twelve wraps up the Incident well and helps push players to start exploring the Golarion System. Much of the adventure is dedicated to interaction and investigation. There is also an overland expedition (which seems surprising in a world with space-ships but is well explained). This could have easily been a rehash of Pathfinder expeditions but John Compton makes it feel like a proper sci-fi expedition, replete with strange creatures, ancient ruins, and opposing parties. The book has a feel of Indiana Jones and Avatar, and I have to admit I got some flashes to the mighty Masks of Nylarahotep as well.

Overall, character and combat encounters are designed to handle a wide variety of characters and play styles. Mysteries are robust and can be solved, ignored, or avoided in many clever ways. Opponents are interesting and slotted well. This is an adventure that will serve any group very well.

Book 2: Starfinder Indiana Jones and the Temple of the 12


Starting with a seamless transition from "Incident at Absalom Station" John Compton starts this adventure off by tying up some loose threads from that book. Players here will probably be ready for a bit of relaxation after exploring the Drift rock, and mirroring the introduction of the first book we get a battle to start, and then a good amount of Role-playing and Investigations, with a great change of setting. The strange and interesting Qabarat University and Castrovel makes for a fun locale and very different from Absalom, and I think players will get into the beginning of book 2 in a big way.

The expedition part of Chapter 2 is where it feels like book 2 is really going to take off. The setting here feels very similar to many Fantasy treks over open terrain, and for an intrepid GM I think it will have a lot of opportunities to make Castrovel really come to life. The additional chapter in the back of the book (by Compton + James Sutter) about the Castrovel can really help this section shine as the first big alien planet that players get to explore in the AP.

The enemies in this book, particularly the named baddies from the Cult of the Devourer, all feel threatening, fleshed out, and pop up at great places in the story. I think with a little more GM foreshadowing that the Cult will make a great 'BBEG' (Big Bad Evil Guy) for the rest of the AP. Certainly the chapter devoted to their organization is one of the best parts of this book, as Owen KC Stephens give GM's some great tools to upgrade enemies and deepens the lore for the Cult.

As a GM, I think my overall impression of Book 2 is positive, and if you and your players liked Book 1 then you will love TotT. There is a lot of new things added into this book for GM's whose players burned through Book 1, that will allow to to take it slow and draw out a very fun exploration section. The enemies are dangerous, but I feel will be a little more balanced than some of the encounters in Book 1, as players will be more comfortable with their level 3 and 4 PCs taking on Large monsters and terrifying Cultists. That being said I think that the way this adventure is laid out that it is very friendly for new GMs and players, and draws on a lot of familiar rules to move the story along for them.

I had very high expectations for this book as Book 1 is one of my favorite Paizo Adventure Path starts. Part of those expectations were based on the amazing setting, and I think Book 2 does a great job in expanding the universe for Starfinder as a whole. I am excited to see how GM's play it, and can't wait to post our play-through online. If the subsequent books 3-6 are as good as the first 2 then Dead Suns will be as cherished and long-lived as Rise of the Runelords. Gift Certificates
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