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Starfinder Alien Archive

****( ) (based on 13 ratings)
Starfinder Alien Archive

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Close Encounters

Strange aliens both friendly and fearsome fill this tome of creatures designed for use with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game! From the gravity-manipulating frujais and planet-killing novaspawn to space goblins and security robots, the creatures in this codex will challenge adventurers no matter what strange worlds they're exploring. What's more, player rules for a host of creatures let players not just fight aliens, but be them!

Inside Starfinder Alien Archive, you'll find the following:

  • Over 80 bizarre life-forms both classic and new, from the reptilian ikeshtis and energy-bodied hallajins to robotic anacites and supernatural entities from beyond the realms of mortals.
  • Over 20 races with full player rules, letting you play everything from a winged dragonkin to a hyperevolved floating brain.
  • New alien technology to help give your character an edge, including weapons, armor, magic items, and more.
  • A robust NPC-creation system to let Game Masters build any aliens or creatures they can imagine.
  • New rules for magical monster summoning, quick templates to modify creatures on the fly, and more!

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-975-2

Note: This product is part of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscription.

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 13 ratings)

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****( )

Great Product, But Mine is Missing Pages

***( )( )

As the title, from what I can tell by just looking at the monsters in this book it will be a joy to dive in fully. However, my copy of the book is missing pages 41-56. I am very disappointed with this. Otherwise, I would've given this product a full five stars, and might still do so if this is corrected sometime in the near future.

A truly treat addition to the Starfinder rules

****( )

If you buy the Alien Archive expecting it to be just like the Bestiary 1 was for Pathfinder, you're going to disappoint yourself.

The AA has monsters to fight, yes. But, also new races to play. New equipment is here for PCs and NPCs alike. The monster building rules are stream-lined and easy to grasp. I'm a huge fan of the way the Monster Summoning rules are future proofed to allow expansion in later releases without making the spells over-powered. I love the expanded monster entries and really enjoyed the artwork.

With AA, Paizo has been true to their word about wanting to give players the option to play as most of the aliens they would normally fight.

Do I want this book to be longer? Of course! But, I see this as a great first step in expanding the Starfinder universe and eagerly look forward to the Pact Worlds book.

Everything I hoped and more


A lot of people have been complaining that this book is akin to IKEA furniture. However I have found that the stat blocks presented are complete and ready to use.

I find that there is a large variety of creatures that are littered with adventure hooks. The descriptions and fluff that follows each and every creature entry are superbly written and expand the lore in an incredible way.

I have decided that my favorite creature is is the Crest Eater and I want a pet one.

Perhaps my only issue with the book is that I felt there might be a few too many swarm based creatures. In terms of having a singular host creature that has things it spawns. There are three that I can remember.
However they do all have significantly different flavor beyond that.

The art is absolutely gorgeous. I was literally taking pictures to send to me friend to show him all the amazingly awesome creatures.

There are a host of new player races. Every race that I was reading fluff for and though, "hell it would be awesome to play on of these", guess what, they gave us stats to play that race.
To be fair there is 1 creature this is not the case for, the Hesper. They are radioactive fey that can literally morph with starship cores and cause mutations in people.

The grafts system is quick and easy to use to create whatever it is you want to make.
The monster creation rules as a whole are robust and easy to use.

I absolutely love the addition of items tied to different creatures.

The book is the first time I have honostly been this excited about the fluff and flavor of a setting. The writing is superb on top of amazing creature design. The art is gorgeous.

Basically, the book is incredible.

One Small Step for Starfinder

****( )

Like the core book, this is a fairly well executed book even if it isn't perfect. Unfortunately, unlike the core book, this is absolutely required material to play Starfinder. I can't really take off points for the book coming two months after the release of the game (though I will point out Starfinder is the only system to my knowledge to do that), but it's still not good planning for potential players. That point is moot at this point though.

The book itself has a good amount of imaginative monsters, ranging from gelatinous cubes made of devouring nanobot swarms to starship-sized Devils (who can also turn into starships), and a shockingly large amount of monsters in the book are also statted as possible PC races, which is a nice surprise for any potential player who wants to be something really weird and out there, like a giant floating psychic brain. The book also has a number of quick building rules for monsters and encounters, which with a bit of practice should speed up on-the-fly adjustments for groups who need a bit more of a challenge.

Unfortunately, the book is also very, very short. It clocks in at just over 160 pages total, under half of a normal Pathfinder bestiary. And, unlike Pathfinder, Starfinder doesn't have an expansive previous system it's based on to use for encounters. I have to assume that the book is short mostly due to an unfamiliarity with the Starfinder rules on the part of the writers, but given the extra two months between the book's release date and the core rulebook's release, the book shouldn't have been anywhere near this small, especially as the only real source of encounters currently available for the game. The small size of the book may not be an issue to everyone, but it IS an issue to be aware of, especially if buying the hardcover copy.

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Starfinder Alien Archive
1. Starfinder Alien Archive
****( ) (based on 13 ratings)

Add PDF $9.99

Hardcover Unavailable

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