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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Starfinder Condition Cards

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Be prepared for nearly every outcome with Starfinder Condition Cards, a handy way for players and GMs to keep track of the most common conditions in the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Has your soldier been paralyzed by an alien's toxic venom? Has your operative used a cloaking field to turn invisible? Is your entire starship crew off-kilter in zero gravity? Just hand out the appropriate cards and keep all the rules for each condition at your fingertips! This set of 53 comically illustrated, full-color cards will speed up gameplay at any table!

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-968-4

Note: This product is part of the Starfinder Accessories Subscription.

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Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Beautifully done, but short a card?!?

***( )( )

These cards are beautifully done. I am a fan of the Starfinder style and font and these cards display that nicely. The artworks is cool, using the space goblins in a similar way as they did with the goblins from the Pathfinder condition deck. The conditions contained are thorough and seem to be without errors as far as I can tell. The included rules card explaining the pack is nice for the n00b just getting into Starfinder without any Pathfinder/v3.5 experience.

What I do not understand is the apparent effort to short us one card. This is not to say the pack is incomplete. On the contrary, this seems to be intentional. There are three sets of the condition cards in the pack. Meaning three of each card. This is similar to how the Pathfinder condition cards were issued with their four sets of each card. There are 18 cards in each set, printed on both sides so there are 36 conditions represented. But, wait...18 cards, 3 sets, that's 54 cards. The box says 53. What happened?

Well it appears there are only two copies of the Invisible/Incorporeal cards. So, there are 2 sets of 18, and one set of 17 cards. I cannot imagine what production reason there would be for the pack to need to drop one card. Would one more card not fit? Is it how they print and stamp out the cards? Dunno, but whatever it is, it leaves me a bit disappointed. I may have been inclined to give this product 5 stars, and if there was a printing error, I might have dropped to 4 for the inconvenience, but to intentionally short the deck what is obviously a card that should be there and with no indication of it on the product page, I have to drop the rating again. Gift Certificates
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Starfinder Condition Cards
1. Starfinder Condition Cards
***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

Our Price: $12.99

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