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The Sind—The Dungeon Mage: Base Class (PFRPG) PDF

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The Dungeon Is Yours!
Introducing the Sind! A medium BAB, d8, 6 level arcane caster, who draws their power from dungeons and other old ruins! Their (literally) academic approach to adventuring gives them a slew of unique "class credit" abilities that make this "dungeon mage" useful to any party! They can modify dungeons on the fly, morphing terrain and messing with things like traps, haunts, and locked doors! At higher levels they even get a "personal dungeon" that they can step into, train in, and creatively use to muck with their enemies!

Add to that the "living dungeon" plot-hook. A solid bit of lore that details how living dungeons grow!

The sind gets an archetype, "the dungeonmancer", which sacrafices their personal dungeon for better spellcasting and discoveries from the alchemist and wizard!

This book also includes the "hutling" player race- a race of lving huts that have extra-dimensional space for their party to relax in!

Take control of your dungeon today!

The Sind base class
Plot Hook: Living dungeon
Dungeonmancer sind archetype
New Race: The Hutlings

Page Count: 27 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1.5 OGL, 23.5 content)
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