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Starjammer: Core Rulebook (PFRPG) PDF

****½ (based on 7 ratings)

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Welcome to the Void. Welcome to Starjammer!

Some people look to the stars and wonder what they are, what they mean, and what is out there.

Your characters are about to find out.

Welcome to Starjammer, a wild ride through the void built upon and compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This tome is over 200 pages of star-exploring options, including:

  • Four new player character races including the Abiarazi (shapechanging oozes), the Manu (innovative crafters of magitech), the Pasimachi (a beetle-like hive race with a wealth of genetic variations), and the Transgenics (half human/half alien nomads)!
  • A toolbox approach to creating and customizing your own spacefaring vessels to travel the stars as explorers, traders, pirates, mercenaries, or even as a part of an organized space fleet!
  • New racial options, archetypes, and traits for all of the new races as well as for the core Pathfinder Roleplaying Game races!
  • Additional uses for skills, plus new skills to use technology!
  • New class archetypes including heliacal healer (cleric), shock trooper (fighter), and void tracker (ranger)!
  • New racial and class features to specialize your characters for their journeys away from their home planets, such as the Infinity Oracle Mystery, Elven Rocketjocks, and much more!
  • Unique roles for space vessel crewmembers, specialized crew roles, and synergies between officers that grant benefits to the crew!
  • Factions of the Void, including the knowledge-seeking Bastion Incantorum, the militaristic Infinite Star Legion, the charismatic Israfel Order, the avaricious Red Tang Spice Guild, and the preservationist Shaman Knights.
  • New rules for skills used in space, including Craft (vessel), Knowledge (geography), and Profession (pilot)!
  • Over a dozen new feats for PCs in space!
  • New equipment for space-based adventures including magnetic shields, misfortune lanterns, hardsuits, dwarven steamsuits, star marine armor, and more!
  • Over a dozen new spells to survive in or control the void around you!
  • Environmental hazards of space and space travel including antimagic fields, asteroid fields/meteor showers, comets, dust clouds, nebulae, oort clouds, radiation belts, ribbon storms, solar flares, wormholes, and more!
  • Rules for planet shapes, environments, and classifications!
  • A sample gazetteer to spark your imagination when creating your own bold new worlds!

Take to the stars and begin your adventures either on your own or with a hearty crew of brave friends.

Explore the infinite reaches of the void or bring a bit of the stars to the games at your own table today!

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 7 ratings)

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Not spelljammer.

****( )

This is a well written and deep sourcebook for interplanetary adventures. It, however, is not spelljammer like I hoped for on purchase.

Half-way Review.


The Book is Divided in 10 parts:
- Introduction
- Races
- classes
- Skills and Feats
- Equipment
- Magic
- Hazards
- Travelling
- Fighting
- Beast

The introduction gives you a brief overview of what is Starjammer, how it will tie in with Starfinder and how to use it.

From the get-go they set the ground, it's not Spelljammer as we know it, but it can be if we so wish. They offer flexibility between Magic and Technology that you can plan anywhere between High Magic-Low tech setting to Low Magic-High Tech Setting with everything in between.

This book makes a great addition to a Iron Gods/Numeria Campain or to Legendary Games' Legendary Planets or Metal Gods Material.

The races presents 4 new races (a sentient ooze, a humanoid, a insect race and a half-human race) each with a nice background, alternate racial traits, race traits, favorite classes options, racial equipment for some, a racial achetype, Racial feat, racial spells and Age & Height/weight tables. Everything is included and all 4 looks well balanced to fit most games and are all quite thematic and alian at the same time.

Then we are provided with an Archetype for every core race (and the gnoll). as well as some information in how they fit in the system.

The Classes sections presents a 3 new archetypes (cleric heliacal healer, Fighter shock trooper and ranger void tracker), new class features (oracle mystery, kinetic wild talent, rogue talent and siege combat style for ranger), and 5 new Factions.

This is a nice little chapter, that doesn't go overboard with new space class, but rather take what is already there and give it some flavor making it easier to integrate groundling character into a space setting.

The Skills and Feat section presents new way to use craft (2), disable device, heal, Knowledge(2), linguistics and profession(2). Going into more detail for Craft (Vessels), Knowledge (Geography) and Profession (Pilot). Personally I would have liked a bit more fleshing out of the other 6 skills too (but the brief description in the table helps).

Then you have 18 new feats (5 of which are combat including 1 teamwork and 2 that must be chosen at 1st level), that covers a good gamut of feature you might need for space combat, space travel or just space survival in general. At first glace, none of them seems overpowered.

The equipment section covers weapons, Wealth by level, common space equipment, hardsuit technology and hardsuits. It's a small chapter that gives you a few example of which, but you could easily make a supplement just on this topic.

The Magic Section presents 22 new spells to be used in space usable by some or all of the spellcasting/psychic classes. They cover all 3 roles (utilitarian, defensive and offensives) and range from 1st to 9th level with most option being 3rd to 9th level with maybe half the spells being 5th and upward. Overall, a nice selection and at first glance they seem fitting for the level presented.

The Hazards section is devided in 3 parts. The first one describes actuall hazards such as dust cloud, meteor and comet. Good table, good description and a good diversity of hazards.

The second section describes planets in terms of shape, size and type. Combining those 3 into a single descriptor for the planet will allow you to have hundreds of unique planet. It then provide us with 3 ready made planet with a description, history/background, adventuring, gazetter and adventure hook sections. It's a good way to introduce us to this system and help us get started on building our own star systems (and here we have a potential for another supplement in the future).

The 3rd section presents some of the gods of the void, 3 in details (with priest, temple and a new spell each) and a table with 7 more in the same format as rthe table at the end of Gods of the Inner Sea. I would have loved to have all 10 of them fully detailled, but I understand the need to strike a balance and offering the DM the change to customize the Gods to their own setting.

The Travelling section covers 2 elements: Crew and Ship.

The Crew part covers the Officers and the specialized crew (Engineer, medic, etc.). They provided a good description for everyone, suggest feat and skill as well as providing tip on how those skills can be relevant the the bonus provided by having that particular crew menber. And we have rules for mutiny...just in case the captain screws up. I really like this section, its clear and concise.

The second part covers Ship. It provides a serie of hull size and hull material, some sample ship for each size each which a varied number of custom point (a couple exemple of customized ship), a speed table and Component options: Engine, weapon, defensive, luxury, component, templates and preset customized pacakges. There is also a table that summarize all of those options. It,s a big section that will need to go over a few time to really take in everything, but I love the mix of Magical option VS Tech option in most section allowingfor a ship that is pure technology as well as one that is a magical marvel. It's a great section and it offers us the flexibility to make the ship we want, which I love.

The Fighting section covers ship to ship battle. It provides rules for 3D combat and make use of the ship to ship rules from the free Skull & Shackles player's Guide. We has a wealth of tactic/order, Combat Manoeuver and Dogfighting tactics that acts a bit like feat as well as boarding rules. It's a good section that although not 100% accurate, should provide a good dynamic combat.

The last section is Beast, a bestiary of creature that can be added as well as suggestion of preexisting creatures from Paizo's Bestiary books. At first glance they look good and We do have a nice assortment of Zurkhans, a race of "villains", mentionned at the start of the book that will surely be more detailed as time progress.

That's it in a nutshell, it's fun to read, I haven't encounter any major glitches (except a missing Alternate Racial Feat and a few pages XX which has already been brought to their attention). The races, spells and feat and creatures seems well balances and should fit in most campaign easily.

Just for that I would recommend this book to anyone who wish to add a Space/Spelljammer element to ther game but who doesn't wish to buy Starfinder (like me) as this book provide a good wealth of information to achieve that goal.

Aliens, Spaceships, and a Blend of Magic and Tech

****( )

Heavily influenced by the old AD&D Spelljammer campaign setting, Starjammer provides a ton of great new options to take your Pathfinder game into space, or even just providing new and exotic character options in a more "grounded" campaign.

The Bad
Let's just get this part out of the way first. As other reviews have noted, there are a few minor editing errors. These are not a huge problem with a book originally released as a PDF, but it is worth noting that you will likely need to update your copy with a revised version in the near future. Additionally, I found that the book would have been better served with another few pages on personal equipment.

The Good
As previously stated, there are a ton of new character options that can be used for a spacefaring campaign and that many of those options can apply to a campaign not set travelling the stars. This is the book's greatest strength. The material fits seamlessly into any existing Pathfinder rules. The next best thing is the very interesting fusion of technology and magic. Cloaking devices, for example, are built from magical purple crystals set in electronics. This creative theme is what truly separates Starjammer apart from the galleons sailing the phlogiston of Spelljammer. It is a more modern, but still very strongly fantasy theme.

Overall Starjammer is just shy of perfect. The flexibility and new options it provides allow for a variety of campaign types and the imagery of the tech/magic fusion prompts creativity.

Better than Spelljammer from 2nd Edition

****( )

Bringing Pathfinder to space with a mixed bag of magic and science this product proudly brings space travel to the Pathfinder universe. While not touching on the Pathfinder core world it does touch on the core concepts with new classes, 4 new races, new archtypes for existing classes (including some from Occult Adventures). It also brings in a few new monsters and for you high level gamers there are immense new dragons and other creatures who can thrive in the cold of outer space. The book's only failings are that it tries to cover a lot and is only able to skim the surface. The book needs an expansion set to cover ship design and increase the number of space traveling engines and ship types as well as improve on the ship design sequence. It does an adequate job of covering most of what was good about 2nd edition Spelljammer; including some of my favorites like a lifejammer that provides propulsion with Con points and a Spelljammer engine that provides propulsion with spell levels, without totally draining the caster. There are some provision for Dreamscarred Press Psionics, but you would have to create your own Psi Engines. It provides a bare bones rule system for space combat using the existing Pathfinder Ship combat from Skull and Shackles. Ship combat uses Vehicle Points (VP) where 10 hit points equals 1 VP and ships have hardness; usually wood or metal, making ships hard to damage by characters without ramming or using the included siege engines. I don't see any rules for cannon though. I highly recommend the book. Makes me even more curious what Paizo plans on doing with their version of Pathfinder in space.

Finally, Pathfinder in Space!


First the good stuff: We start off with a couple of new races, info on the standard races, and then some racial archetypes. This is followed by some archetypes for classes, and faction information for new factions. We have some new skills and feats, as well as new spells and equipment. All of this takes up some 90-odd pages.

After this, we have more than a 100 pages of GREAT stuff. The stuff we all want - Space! Or rather, the Void, as it is called. First there is the hazards, with random encounter tables for things like meteor showers, radiation belts and wormholes (but not limited to just these!). This is followed by information regarding different types of planets you might encounter, and the environmental hazards that might accompany them. Enough information for you to create hundreds of different worlds your group might visit. There are also a number of pre-built worlds, complete with adventure hooks for each world. And then even more info, for example trade goods from different worlds.

And then we come to the reason we all want this product - the rules for traveling the Void. Rules to build your own ships. What (and number of) crew you will need, complete with bonuses if your crew is specially skilled in their position. For example, a Tactical Officer can give you bonuses on attack rolls against enemy vessels, as well as bonuses in combat against enemy crew who may have boarded your vessel. And if you don't have enough PC's to crew your ship? Well, you can then hire NPC's, or your DM might allow you to buy droids that can fulfill certain tasks.

On the ships themselves, you can have anything from a Ultralight vessel, usable by and intended for a single character, all the way to Superheavy vessels which are the flagships of space-navy fleets, and which can have entire invading armies on board! There are pre-built vessels, but (more importantly) there is also rules for building your very own vessel! And all of this is only starting to touch all of the information in the book!

Pros: It is Spelljammer for Pathfinder. Need I say more?
Cons: There are a few minor editing errors in the book, but they are few and far between, and will be fixed in future editions. Also, this book references other Paizo material. However, the material referenced is available on D20PFSRD.COM

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Starjammer: Core Rulebook (PFRPG) PDF
1. Starjammer: Core Rulebook (PFRPG) PDF
****½ (based on 7 ratings)

Our Price: $14.95

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