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Pathfinder Paper Minis—Jade Regent Adventure Path Part 4: "Forest of Spirits" (PFRPG) PDF

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Enjoy a spirited adventure through a mystical land on your way to a higher calling. This set contains over 100 bespoke miniatures for your encounters in the Forest of Spirits, the fourth installment of the Jade Regent Adventure Path!

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Advanced Kyton (2)
  • Akinosa (Human Form), Male aranea sorcerer
  • Akinosa (Hybrid Form), Male aranea sorcerer
  • Aranea (8)
  • Buto Futotsu, The Swine Shogun, Male hobgoblin fighter
  • Clay Golem (Large)
  • Destrachan (4) (Large)
  • Female Hobgoblin (4)
  • Five Storms Ninja, Human ninja (8)
  • Fujai, Munasukaru's Chosen, Male ogre mage samurai (Large)
  • Giant Gar (2) (Large)
  • Giant Sapphire Spider, Advanced giant spider (8)
  • Gorgon (2) (Large)
  • Greater Water Elemental (2) (Huge)
  • Hill Giant (2) (Large)
  • Hobgoblin Commoner (12)
  • Hobgoblin Fighter (6)
  • Ichirou, Spawn of Munasukaru, Male ja noi barbarian (scarred rager)
  • Jiaogu, Giant gorgon (Huge)
  • Jirou, Spawn of Munasukaru, Male ja noi oni
  • Leper, leprous hobgoblin (4)
  • Mei, First Daughter of Munasukaru, Female spirit naga (Large)
  • Miyaro (Disguised), Female kitsune rogue (swashbuckler)
  • Miyaro, Female kitsune rogue (swashbuckler)
  • Mohrg (2)
  • Munasukaru, Female ja noi fighter (polearm master)
  • Munasukaru, Human Form
  • Noburo, Male zuishin kami
  • Ochiyo the Messenger, Munasukaru's Chosen, Female ogre mage samurai (Large)
  • Rat Swarm (3)
  • Ryosanjin mounted on Jiaogu (Huge)
  • Ryosanjin, Munasukaru's Chosen, Male ogre mage Samurai (Large)
  • Saburo, Spawn of Munasukaru Male ja noi oni
  • Shadow Companion (4)
  • Shunkichi, Male shikigami kami (Tiny)
  • Sister of the Broken Path, Female hobgoblin monk (hungry ghost) (4)
  • Snow Leopard (3)
  • Summoned Fiendish Constrictor Snake
  • The Gossamer (Hybrid Form), Female aranea shadowdancer (4)
  • Tieqing, Dire tiger (Large)
  • Tonkatsu, Dire boar (Large)
  • Withered Blossom Warrior (6), Hobgoblin fighter/rogue
  • Yasu, Second Daughter of Munasukaru, Female spirit naga (Large)
  • Yu, Ye, and Feng, Male stone giants (3) (Large)
Artwork by Todd Westcot

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Our Price: $4.99

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