Pathfinder Adventure Path #112: The Whisper Out of Time (Strange Aeons 4 of 6) (PFRPG)

**½( )( ) (based on 2 ratings)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #112: The Whisper Out of Time (Strange Aeons 4 of 6) (PFRPG)
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Not-So-Sweet Nothings

With their memories once again intact, the adventurers continue their pursuit of Count Lowls. But first they must visit Cassomir, where they believe the wayward noble is meeting with an old associate, but find only danger in his absence. Next, they travel to Katheer, capital city of Qadira, to track down a blasphemous tome in a hidden library, only to discover Lowls has stolen the vile book. They then venture to the slave-trading city of Okeno to pick up the count's trail again and encounter the mysterious and alien entity that has been haunting their dreams. If they can't stop their crazed nemesis before his plans come to fruition, doom will come for all!

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Strange Aeons Adventure Path and includes:

  • "The Whisper Out of Time," a Pathfinder adventure for 10th-level characters, by Richard Pett.
  • A gazetteer of the dangerous slaver city of Okeno, by Richard Pett.
  • A look into the inscrutable ways of the alien beings known as yithians, by Paris Crenshaw.
  • A diva has a fateful meeting in the Pathfinder's Journal, by Jason Scott Aiken.
  • A bestiary containing a new Great Old One and other loathsome monsters, by Ed Grabianowski, James Jacobs, Richard Pett, and Greg A. Vaughan.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-908-0

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**½( )( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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Feels Rushed and Lazy

**( )( )( )

Unfortunate module; laziness abounds:

- No fleshing out of travels to Cassomir, Okeno, or the Parchlands. Even stimple tables of possible encounters would have been appreciated. Instead, it lazily references other works.

- Artwork is unfortunate (Mun looks like he's from early 1900's New York, and Twain looks nothing like a derro).

- Speaking of derro, the whole derro involvment feels stolen/borrowed nearly piecemeal from No Response from Deepmar.

- Maps are small and poorly detailed.

- Poor editing; there are a number of typos littering the pages, reinforcing the feel of this being a rushed, shoddy module.

- Weird that a haunt of words and ideas lifting from pages and attacking players would do 10d6 physical damage, as much as falling 80 feet. Lazy design.

Most concernedly, this module doesn't "feel" like an Elder Mythos adventure. I expect better from Paizo.

Suffers from taking place at too many places...

***( )( )

Part 1 (Cassomir) has a good mix between Cthulhu Mythos and Pathfinder atmosphere.
Part 2 (Katheer) is the part where the Mythos atmosphere is strongest.
The "Ecology of the Yithian" article is excellent!
The Bestiary section is good.

The battle-maps are disappointing, they are very plain and unevokative and the last one is too big to fit even on a "Bigger Flip-Mat".
The Okeno gazetteer doesn´t offer enough information.

There is no clue where to place the "Old Infirmary" anywhere in Cassomir and the location of the "Blossoming Thorn" in Okeno is not given either.
You ABSOLUTELY need Pathfinder Chronicles: Cities of Golarion and Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Qadira, Jewel of the East, both excellent books, if your players decide to visit some other locations in Cassomir and Katheer and if you don´t want to pretend the encounter locations exist in thin air.
The CR of the opponents in part 3 are way below the group, there is not a single enemy that won´t be taken down in 1 round.
A level 12 party can take on the whole fortress at once and lose not a single PC.

I was really torn between giving 2 or 3 stars for this, i wish i could have given 2.5
The GM has to invest lots of extra time into this part to flesh out the three cities and to replace EVERY opponent in part 3 (lots of low CR creatures DON´T add up to a high CR challenge).
This adventure would have been better if it took place in only 2 cities.