Book of Magic: Patron Hexes (PFRPG) PDF

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Curse Your Enemies The Way Your Patron Would Want!

Patrons reveal power to their witches through spells, and now you can wield their power with unique hexes. Each of these new hexes allows a witch to help her allies or deal with her enemies in ways that are specific to her chosen patron. Whether you are turning a creature into a toad or making the creature attack itself, your enemies will remember your character and shudder.

Book of Magic: Patron Hexes is a great resource for any witch character. This 16-page supplement features:

  • 78 New Witch Hexes—two new hexes plus a new major or grand hex themed for each of the 26 patrons to customize your character for each patron’s unique play experience
  • The New Spirit Creature Template—summon the spirit of a creature to your side to defend your character
    • Never Be Caught Unprepared With This New Book of Magic!

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Jon Brazer Enterprises

Be sure to check out the previews for Patron Hexes with hexes for the Shadow, Elemental, Light, Agile, Death, Trickery, Endurance, and Ancestors.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Witch fans, do you like your enemies regular or extra crispy?

Jon Brazer Enterprises

I got a request for more witch hexes. Do witch fans want more hexes?

Jon Brazer Enterprises

While celebrating Yule, remember to get give your witch some new options! Download Book of Magic: Patron Hexes today.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Book of Magic: Patron Hexes is now on sale as well as just about everything else from Jon Brazer Enterprises. Download today.

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