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Pathfinder Legends—Curse of the Crimson Throne #1: Edge of Anarchy

***( )( ) (based on 2 ratings)
Pathfinder Legends—Curse of the Crimson Throne #1: Edge of Anarchy

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The King has died, and the city of Korvosa is in chaos! Riots, banditry, monsters, and mayhem are turning the normally safe streets of the city into a war zone. Desperate to regain control of her city, Queen Ileosa seeks heroes to aid her in reclaiming control before the largest city in all Varisia consumes itself from within as Curse of the Crimson Throne begins with a bang!

Pathfinder Legends audio adventures adapt the world and characters of the best-selling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Each episode runs about 2 hours and features a cast of professional actors, sound effects, and music that immerse you into the dangerous and exciting world of Pathfinder!

Audio Samples

Download the trailer! (5 MB MP3/zip)

Download Queen Ileosa sample (346 KB MP3/zip)

Download Trinia Sabor sample (138 KB MP3/zip)

Download Zellara sample (401 KB MP3/zip)

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Legends Subscription.

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Product Reviews (2)

Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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A worthy addition to the Legends series

****( )

I have consistently enjoyed the Legends series of audio dramas and Edge of Anarchy is no exception. The production is top-notch, and the familiar voices of the iconics continue to invoke the adventure in my mind with their characterizations.

I might have wished for some shorter musical interludes (such at on Disc 1, Track 1), and I echo the other reviewer that it does feel like the story was abbreviated somewhat. The length clocks in at about 2 hours, but it feels like a notable chunk of that is solely music. Not that I don't like the music - but, again, there are a lot of places where it goes on for what feels like minutes or so.

I also had some issues with the Queen, but not from overacting - but simply from her vocalizations. Her voice reminded me of an older, middle-aged woman - not the young lady who manipulated a king to marry him and gain a throne. I'm willing to chalk that up to personal preference, however.

On the whole, however, even my nitpicks can't stop me from enjoying the story. Looking forward already to the next one!

Much conversation, very little action.

**( )( )( )

It´s much clearer to the listener what happens in the fight scenes opposed to Rise of the Runelords. The voice actors work well together.

Too much overacting, especially from the Queen.
Too much loud background music.
The lenght is 110 minutes (two music tracks included) but could have been 150 minutes for the price of $22.

With 2 CDs you would think that there are more story elements from the AP included, but the opposite is the case: There is much less story included but endless talking between the 4 Iconics and NPCs.
There are three fight scenes only!
The trailer for this is actually better than the CD itself, because you can understand the Harrow reading. On the CD it´s fast forwarded and with added sound effects that make it hard to understand.

I have bought all six Rise of the Runelords CDs and like them, the only things i don´t like about them: you can´t always identify what happenes in the fight scenes (the lack of a narrator is a mistake imo) and that a lot of story elements had to be cut to fit on one CD.
I don´t like the "Mummy´s Mask" AP, so i didn´t buy those CDs.
Now that i have heard the first double CD of CotCT, i have to say that i like the RotR CDs MUCH better!
Not only are they more entertaining, but there is more crammed into them than into this.

Maybe i´ll give the second CD a try, but if it is as boring as this one i won´t follow the line anymore. Gift Certificates
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