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Mythic Minis 103: Horror Feats P-S (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 1 rating)

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Horror Feats P-S is the latest Mythic Mini devoted to exploring the terrible tricks that desperate heroes and vile villains alike might unleash in a horror-themed campaign using the new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Horror Adventures rulebook. Whether they deal in blood, pain, death, plagues, curses, corruption, sinister sorcery, or the mortal and immortal soul, these enhanced feats will dial up the horror in your campaign to a diabolical degree! Open up sinister secrets and skills aplenty in this PDF of 7 new feats from Protector of the People to Skin Suit and all feats in between, including truly nasty tricks like Sacrificial Adept and Purging Emesis!

Mythic Minis are short, inexpensive products designed to take one rules concept or set of Pathfinder RPG rules and bring them to you in a new way for the mythic rules, including converting existing rules as well as introducing entirely new rule options. Created by the same designers that helped bring you the official mythic rules, Mythic Minis skip the fluff and give you all crunch, all the time.

Nobody knows mythic like Legendary Games, and whether it's new mythic feats, class abilities, path abilities, magic items, or anything else, every Mythic Mini delivers a delicious dollop of dazzling design that will fill out your mythic experience one slice at a time. Check for a new Mythic Mini every Monday to make your game just a little more Legendary!

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 1 rating)

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An review


All right, you know the deal by now, right? 3 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page SRD/editorial, 1 page content, so let's go! It should be noted that the SRD page contains a feat, so don't miss that!

-Protector of the People: Add the mythic simple template to the golem protector and ties it closely to the mission of protecting the people. Upon completion, the cost reduction benefit applies to any construct crafted and you gain a tier-based bonus. Nice boost!

-Purging Emesis: Purge of poisons as a standard actions and affect all types of poisons. Also reduces the negative condition incurred by saving down to sickened. Also nets the feat a cooldown, including the requirement for food, via mythic power. Finally, the full-round action use can let you create a cone of slippery area. While the base feat does not note the effects of standard slippery terrain, it would have been nice to see them, but that is just me being ultra-picky and will not influence the verdict.

-Putrid Summons: Increases stench-DC of the called creatures and the power of the effect. For mythic power, you ay use the spell’s normal list of creatures.

-Sacrificial Adept: Also add +1 DC, +2 Cl or a metamagic feat with a level-increase of 1 or less to the spell. Via mythic power expenditure, you can add all 3 options at once. Also increases daily uses to the highest of mental attribute modifiers. Really cool! Two thumbs up!

-Sacrificial Ritual: Bonus increases by ½ tier and for every 3 tiers, chose a trained skill of the creature, granting yourself and all secondary casters an additional +3 to complete it. When sacrificing a lot of creatures and using mythic power, you and all ritual casters can ignore backlash, explaining why evil cults go overboard. Two thumbs up!

-Shatter Control: Eliminates range caveat for shattering control over undead and increases save DC…and the control loss is permanent. Use mythic power to make the ability work with any attack, not just full-round attacks. Also manages to get the complex behavior repercussions for undead right. Kudos!

-Skin Suit: Only slashing, piercing, fire or acid damage potentially wreck the suit and destruction of the suit makes you only take ½ damage. Also: Skin Suit doesn’t dissolve on sundown. Using mythic power nets a new skin suit and, as a swift action when expending mythic power, you can deliver energy drain or ability damage with undead special attacks without destroying the skin. Neat!


Editing and formatting are top-notch, I noticed no glitches. Layout adheres to Legendary Games' two column full-color standard and it features the artwork on the cover; that's it - the one page content is solely devoted to crunch. The pdf has no bookmarks, but needs none at this length.

Alex Riggs is back up to his game here – I noticed no hiccups, have no balance-concerns and the execution is precise, often rather creative. My final verdict will be 5 stars!

Endzeitgeist out. Gift Certificates
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