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Venture farther, go deeper, and go beyond with Into the Outside, a transdimensional sourcebook for the Numenera RPG.

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Love the cover art. :)

Hey! You got your Numenera in my Planescape! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Two great tastes that taste great together!

Numenera is a Science Fantasy setting that runs on the Cypher System, a rules-light system that focuses on story, doles out experience for exploration and discovery instead of killing things and taking their stuff, and where the GM doesn't roll dice. I can hear several of you screal over this last part, but they put in a mechanic for GMs that is [u]better[/u] than die rolling.

Into the Outside allows you to take your Numenera game to other planes of existence. It details locations within the Numenera setting where the influence of other planes is quite evident. A bluff where each vertical level is a separate plane. A path up a cliff, lined with towers with gates to other dimensions. A city, which has an transdimensional twin.

It also details locations specific to other planes. A place of never-ending and constantly changing corridors, chambers, rooms and galleries where the halls are haunted by a creature called The Hunger. A vessel capable of drilling through transdimensional boundaries. A parallel dimension that separated from the current timestream a few years ago where the inhabitants sole mission is to change outsiders to empty husks, full of nanites.

And then it gets even more weird. A dimension where cause and effect is not straightforward. Where time is inconstant. A dimension of pure sound. A place full of densely interwoven living tentrils. A dimension of the mind, where a run-away imagination. And a host of alternate dimensions.

A chapter devoted to ultraterrestial creatures details over 20 creatures from level 2 through 9.

Unlike a lot of other sourcebooks for Numenera, The Strange or Cypher system itself, this book does not contain additional Descriptors or Foci.

While this book is designed for use with Numenera and other Cypher system games, the concepts are quite transferrable to other games.

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