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Tome of Beasts Pawns

***** (based on 3 ratings)

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A Horde of New 5th Edition Monsters—as Playable Pawns!

Fully 300 pawns for your 5th Edition game featuring fearsome new monsters from the Tome of Beasts, from tiny to huge!

Pawn stands not included.


  • Ardni
  • Ash Drake
  • Azza Gremlin
  • Bastet Temple Cat
  • Behtu (2)
  • Beli
  • Bone Collective
  • Bone Crab (2)
  • Burrowling
  • Clurichaun
  • Dau
  • Derro Antipaladin
  • Derro Fetal Savant
  • Dust Goblin (2)
  • Erina (2)
  • Far Darrig
  • Firebird
  • Firegeist (2)
  • Fraugashar (2)
  • Gnarljack
  • Ink Devil (2)
  • Jaculus
  • Kalke
  • Kobold Alchemist
  • Kobold Chieftain (2)
  • Kobold Trapsmith
  • Lemurfolk
  • Library Automaton
  • Living Wick (2)
  • Mamura
  • Miremal
  • Paper Drake
  • Ratfolk Rogue (2)
  • Roachling (2)
  • Sap Demon
  • Scheznyki
  • Skin Bat
  • Spider Thief
  • Tosculi Drone (2)
  • Tosculi Warrior (2)
  • Vile Barber
  • Xanka


  • Abominable Beauty
  • Accursed Defiler
  • Ala
  • Algorith
  • Alseid (2)
  • Amphipteres
  • Angatra
  • Anubian
  • Arboreal Grappler
  • Arch-Devil Titivullus
  • Avatar of Boreas
  • Bagiennik
  • Bear King
  • Bearfolk (2)
  • Bouda
  • Buraq
  • Chained Angel
  • Chort Devil
  • Clockwork Hound
  • Clockwork Huntsman
  • Clockwork Watchman (2)
  • Cobbleswarm
  • Coral Drake
  • Crystalline Devil
  • Cult Leader
  • Darakhul (2)
  • Deathcap Mycolid (2)
  • Deathwisp
  • Deep One Hybrid
  • Dissumortuum
  • Dogmole (2)
  • Domovoi
  • Dorreq
  • Dream Eater
  • Drowned Maiden
  • Dryad, Duskthorn
  • Dwarven Ringmage
  • Eater of Dust (2)
  • Edimmu
  • Eel Hound (2)
  • Einheriar
  • Eleinomae
  • Empty Cloak
  • Eonic Drifter
  • Fate Eater
  • Fear Smith
  • Fellforged (2)
  • Fext (2)
  • Fidele Angel
  • Fire Dancer Swarm
  • Flame Dragon Wyrmling
  • Folk of Leng (2)
  • Frostveil
  • Gearforged Champion
  • Ghoul Emperor
  • Gilded Devil (2)
  • Goat-Man
  • Gray Thirster
  • Grim Jester
  • Hag, Blood
  • Hag, Mirror
  • Hag, Red
  • Hag, Sand
  • Haugbui
  • Horakh
  • Ice Maiden
  • Imperial Ghoul
  • Imy-ut Ushabti
  • Iron Ghoul
  • Kikimora
  • Kishi Demon
  • Koschei
  • Kot Bayun
  • Leshy
  • Lich Hound
  • Likho
  • Lord of the Hunt
  • Lorelei
  • Lovelorn
  • Malakbel Demon
  • Mallqui
  • Malphas
  • Manabane Scarab Swarm
  • Mask Wight
  • Mavka
  • Mi-Go (2)
  • Mirager
  • Mngwa
  • Moonlit King
  • Morphoi
  • Moss Lurker
  • Nichny
  • Nihilethic Zombie (2)
  • Nkosi
  • Noctiny (2)
  • Ostinato
  • Owl Harpy
  • Pombero
  • Putrid Haunt
  • Queen of the Night
  • Qwyllion
  • Ramag (2)
  • Rat King
  • Ravenfolk Doom Croaker
  • Ravenfolk Warrior (2)
  • Redcap
  • Rimeworm
  • River King
  • Rubezahl
  • Rusalka
  • Rust Drake
  • Salt Devil
  • Sandman
  • Scorpion Cultist
  • Selang
  • Shabti
  • Shadow Beast
  • Shadow Fey Duelist
  • Shadow Fey Enchantress
  • Shadow Fey Hunter
  • Sharkjaw Skeleton
  • Shellycoat
  • Shroud
  • Skein Witch
  • Snow Queen
  • Soul Eater
  • Spawn of Arbeyach
  • Spectral Guardian
  • Stuhac
  • Temple Dog
  • Tendril Puppet
  • Trollkin Reaver (2)
  • Umbral Vampire
  • Vaettir
  • Venomous Mummy
  • Vila
  • Vine Lord
  • Wampus Cat
  • Wind Dragon Wyrmling
  • Wolf Reaver Dwarf
  • Wormhearted Suffragan
  • Zimwi


  • Akyishigal
  • Asanbosam
  • Automata Devil
  • Berstuc Demon
  • Blemmyes
  • Bukavac
  • Camazotz
  • Cambium
  • Chelicerae
  • Clockwork Abomination
  • Corrupted Ogre Chief
  • Deep Drake
  • Deep One Archimandrite
  • Drakon
  • Dullahan
  • Elder Shadow Drake
  • Eye Golem
  • Flab Giant
  • Flutterflesh
  • Gypsosphinx
  • Herald of Darkness
  • Ia’Affrat
  • Kongamato
  • Koralk Devil
  • Lake Troll
  • Lindwurm
  • Liosalfar
  • Lunar Devil
  • Millitaur
  • Monolith Champion
  • Monolith Footman
  • Naina
  • Nightgarm
  • Nihileth
  • Oculo Swarm
  • Orobas Devil
  • Possessed Pillar
  • Psoglav Demon
  • Queen of Witches
  • Rift Swine
  • Risen Reaver
  • Rotting Wind
  • Savager
  • Serpopard
  • Shadhavar
  • Shadow Fey Guardian
  • Smaragdine Golem
  • Spider of Leng
  • Star Drake
  • Star-Spawn of Cthulhu
  • Steam Golem
  • Thursir Giant
  • Tosculi Hive-Queen
  • Tusked Skyfish
  • Vine Troll Skeleton
  • Voidling
  • Water Leaper
  • White Ape
  • Wolf Spirit Swarm
  • Xhkarsh


  • Arch-Devil Mammon
  • Cave Dragon Adult
  • Corpse Mound
  • Degenerate Titan
  • Demon Lord Alquam
  • Desert Giant
  • Dragon Eel
  • Flame Dragon Adult
  • Gug
  • Herald of Blood
  • Hoard Golem
  • Hræsvelgr the Corpse
  • Swallower
  • Krake Spawn
  • Loxoda
  • Mithral Dragon Adult
  • Sathaq Worm
  • Sea Dragon Adult
  • Shoggoth
  • Son of Fenris
  • Thuellai
  • Tophet
  • Urochar
  • Void Dragon Adult
  • Wind Dragon Adult
  • Young Spinosaurus

ISBN-13: 978-1-936781-61-4

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***** (based on 3 ratings)

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I don't play 5E, but these pawns got me hooked by the list of contents and a fanmade Youtube video (can't find the right one again to link it here, sadly). Ordering them in Europe was a pain, but today the package finally arrived. Wow. Just wow.

Quality is excellent, pawns don't smell (sometimes happens after opening), artwork is amazing and the selection of creatures is great. Bestiary boxes try to cover everything, with the drawback of including quite mundane creatures or many instances of a given creature. But Tome of Beasts focusses on twisted, crazy or ugly adversaries. They should be best to fill a huge dungeon, though there is enough material for many other terrain types. Some creatures overlap with Bestiary boxes, but it's less than I would have expected - and in such cases you basically get a different pawn to point to a slightly different specimen.

Many creatures get only one pawn, the rest gets two. This is a blessing when it comes to variety and gain per buck, but it restricts encounter design a bit. If you want a big group of similar foes to surround the PCs, you will have to add pawns from Paizo - or from another Tome of Beast Pawns box. ;) Finally, roughly 20 pawns work for PCs, in my opinion - it's not a focus of this collection, but a small plus.

Great one! I really hope Kobold Press and other 3pp developers will dive into pawn production more often...

Tome of Beasts filled with Fey, Clockworks, Arch-Devils, Drakes, & More!


Kobold Press jumps into the pawn market with a gorgeous product! If you're like me and you own pretty much every pawn set ever produced, then you'll still have a place for this pawn set on your table. If you don't have every pawn set ever produced, then this is a great place to start. Based on your individual table's needs, this should be your second required purchase after the Bestiary Box.

Inside, you'll find a brilliant mix of beasts collected from the various Kobold Press/Midgard Bestiaries from over the years. This was collected and released as one volume for 5E players, so it works for any gaming table that needs more pawn representations on the table.

If you need Fey - this the set for you. If you're planning to run Courts of the Shadow Fey, like myself, this set has everything that you need to bring the shadowy realm of Fey to life. This set doesn't contain Fey alone, as it offers pawns for everything from clockwork creations to desert dwelling undead, and even dangerous drakes and archdevils in abundance!

If you're familiar with the Paizo pawns, then you'll be pleased to know that the Tome of Beasts matches those products in terms of quality and fantastic artwork. The artwork for the Void Dragon is one of the most gorgeous pieces that I've ever seen. The pawn for Arch-Devil Mammon is sinister and seductive and just one of many fantastic planar pieces in this set.

If your table contains meta-gaming players that know the Bestiaries inside and out, you'll get alternate artwork for creatures like the Shoggoth or Dullahan and more to trick your players into thinking they're encountering something for the first time.

Buy it today and bring your game to life with this great set of pawns.

Custom Pawns for the Win


* The art for these, from the book, is awesome and evocative.

* Setting them side by side they're IDENTICAL to Paizo's Pathfinder pawns, same shape, same heavy cardstock, sturdy, and fit the Paizo pawn bases perfectly. Yes, that means VERY occasionally a little part here or there bleeds off the punched out area but that's really unavoidable without reshaping the art, it's no problem.

* When it's better you meet more then one, you get two pawns for that one. :-)

* Trying to figure out how, if anything, they left out. Even the little clockwork librarian (who I doubt anyone would want to fight) is still represented.

I mean, you could use other minis or pawns for some of these but overall the distinct shapes of many of these creatures deserve their own image to see on the table. Void Dragon!

When I backed the Kickstarter I thought this was one of the best incentives ever. You come up with all these great unique looking beasties you want to see them on the battlemat! Very satisfied customer. Gift Certificates
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