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Pathfinder Society Quest: Honor's Echo (PFRPG) PDF

**½( )( ) (based on 8 ratings)

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A series of six Quests designed for 1st-level characters.

The grand Taldan Empire once controlled half of Avistan, but during the Even-Tongued Conquest, it could not manage an ongoing war with both its neighbor Qadira and the secessionist rebels in its outer provinces. As Taldor struggled to control its crumbling territories, its monarchs sought scapegoats for its failures, including the righteous war hero Countess Honaria Alcasti. Stripped of its nobility, her family has survived in obscurity for seven hundred years. However, her descendant Remaio has identified evidence that might redeem the Alcasti name and his ancestor’s honor. Can the PCs help exonerate her name and bring glory to Taldor once more?

"Honor’s Echo" includes six, 1-hour adventures that take the PCs from the verdant wilds of Andoran to the arid wastes of Qadira to the cultural heart of Taldor itself. Experience the adventures in any order to create a unique story.

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Written by Eleanor Ferron, Jenny Jarzabski, and Landon Winkler.

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Product Reviews (8)
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Average product rating:

**½( )( ) (based on 8 ratings)

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Poor balance issues

**( )( )( )

They did not take into account that this has to be run with newly created pregenerated characters and as such, the balances way off, and is way more lethal than it needs to be. A bunch of level 1s vs a level 2 spell caster, a ridiculously deadly large scorpion. If you run this make sure to put on the kid gloves unless you want to loose friends.

The storyline, however, was interesting and fine for what it was. Nothing grand, but serviceable.

Getting better

****( )

One of my favor things in this quest is the Appendix with all the stat blocks. My biggest pet peeve is having to reference multiple books while a GM. It's been about twenty years since I GM'd, yes previous games, but having all materials easier to locate in the Scenario makes for a better prepared GM. Especially since creatures have to be as presented in the scenario. The party at my table happen to chose the three easier of the five scenario's.

Grove - GM's remember that it does not give a tactic as to where all three are when things go badly. One placement markers on the map, so it is possible that the bear would come into the fight on a subsequent round. Did not run this encounter yet.

Blade - happened to be the first chosen by the party. No problems, they even found antitoxin before the fight.

Homestead - the "eagle knights" were liked by all, the party even felt bad for the last one, subdued him, healed him up and convinced him to go convert more to his cause.

Breakdown - The construct fight, very difficult when players chose not to take that weapons from the Hall.

What were they thinking?

*( )( )( )( )

Grove (one of the 6 part adventures) is a text book example of a first time GM running a game with no clue how to introduce combat or balance encounters.

It shoves a completely arbitrary combat down the players throats that is horrendously overpowered and unbalanced.

The remainder of this 6 part adventure is decent (3-4 star) but Grove is so irredeemably bad that it lowers the entire thing to 1 star.

Fun but...

***( )( )

I ran all 6 of the scenarios at PAX West, and while it was fun some of the encounters felt far too punishing for a level 1 encounter, specifically Blades and Groves.

In each of those encounters a character got killed in a single round without ever getting a chance to act in effectively unavoidable fights. That really undercuts the fun.

However, the rest were very enjoyable, and felt like a good combination of roleplay, combat, and interesting stories.

Wonderful roleplays in court


Runned once, not played yet.

Pretty similar to Silverhex, conbined with 6 quests.
My favorite part is the Blade, you'll know why... must be prepared of roleplaying a sword!

And I love the last part however. Let me remind of Hellknight's Feast and Merchant, although simple. You must persuade with variant NPCs, both roleplay and rollplay are needed, that's what I like.

The reason of not giving a five star is not-scaled-well encounters. One of which is easy(Homestead), but some are too deadly for underpower pregens. I wish it should be not limited to pregen.

Rise to 5 stars, after running this twice(and played once), if your GM is kindly and creative in "Groves" and the "court", shall make a great and memorable experience. Don't be too brutal to annoy your players!

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