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The Dark Eye—Quick-Start Rules PDF

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The Dark Eye (TDE) has enthralled players across Europe, and soon you will have a chance to see why. The world of Aventuria allows you to play every style of fantasy: epic high fantasy, medieval intrigue, barbaric adventures in the wilderness, or a classic pirate’s tale, just to name a few. Aventuria is the perfect setting for your stories and visions. Soon the world of Aventuria and the latest edition of the fantasy roleplaying game The Dark Eye will be published in English—and you can get a preview of what awaits in the Quick-Start Rules!

Not sure what to expect in The Dark Eye? Here's the word from the people making and playing the game:

The Dark Eye was the first German tabletop roleplaying game to be successfully introduced to the games market. It was launched in a big campaign during the 1980s and it remains extremely popular today. It’s won over the players and offers everything you need in a fantasy roleplaying game—a huge number of exciting settings that have been brought to life by hundreds of authors over the years. And it is a place to feel at home.” —designer Eevie Demirtel

“The main reason for the success of The Dark Eye is that it has something to offer for everyone. The world of The Dark Eye is incredibly vast and detailed, and is reminiscent of fairy tales and childhood dreams.” —Ulisses Spiele President Markus Plötz

“The game world of Aventuria has been growing over the decades. It has a long, very detailed history and many different regions, offering something for every gamer. There are Arabian Nights-style adventures in the desert regions and tales of pirates on the seas and the jungles of the deep south. In the Middenrealm, Aventuria’s largest region, you can play as knights or noble folk, dealing with wars, intrigue, and of course bloody battle. In the far north you can play as settlers or even travel to the eternal icy wastes and launch expeditions to recover ancient lost secrets.” —designer Daniel Simon Richter

“Every author writing The Dark Eye started out as a player. The Dark Eye offers a living story that is told and developed in adventure modules and supplements that offer new opportunities, plot hooks, and threads of the big story. That's what fans love about The Dark Eye—they like to see the world evolve.” —designer Alex Spohr

Pages: 16

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