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Astounding Futures: Starships! (PFRPG) PDF

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All too often roleplaying games keep you cemented in the dark ages, swinging swords at goblins in a dark dank dungeon. The Astounding Futures series is focused on taking your games out of the familiar dungeon and into the unknown future. This particular entry, while also the first of the series, gives you all the tools you need to take your games into the void of deep space.

This book's modular starship creation rules allows you to build any starship you can imagine. The new technological siege engines allow you to arm your ship with sci-fi classics like the torpedo launcher or fantastically strange armaments like the temperamental but devastating darkmatter cannon. Also contained within are new power generators like the unstable darkmatter reactor. Last but not least this book contains rules for starship modules, large technological devices that define a starship's capabilities and defences.

Astounding Futures: Starships! was born out of a love for grand starship battles from the classics of science fiction. This book allows you to build your own fleet, conquer the galaxy, or overthrow a dark empire. The future is out there, but someone needs to seek it out among the stars...

This book requires access to the basic vehicle rules from Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat and the technology rules from the primary pathfinder guide to technology.

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