Pathfinder: Mosswood Goblin

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Mosswords sneaky! Mosswoods free! Watch like eight-eyes from the tree! When you think it safe to sleep, Mosswood goblins make you weep!

This exclusive Pathfinder goblin figure is ready for battle! The Mosswood Goblin figure represents the Mosswood goblin tribe found in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting and comes with all the essential goblin accessories:

  • 1 alternate hand with bomb
  • 2 alternate hands with different grips
  • Dogslicer
  • Horsechopper
  • Pickle
  • Torch
  • Spear

The Mosswood Goblin figure stands at 3.25" tall and comes with a removable base.

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Does this thing come painted? Or do I have to paint it myself?

Paizo Employee Community & Digital Content Director

It is a prepainted collectable figure! These goblins also come in 4 other color schemes corresponding with their tribe. :)

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