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Pathfinder Pawns: Summon Monster Pawn Collection

****( ) (based on 4 ratings)
Pathfinder Pawns: Summon Monster Pawn Collection

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Summon legions of extraplanar creatures to your tabletop with this collection of more than 100 creature pawns for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop fantasy roleplaying game! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn contains a beautiful full-color image of a monster from the summon monster spell lists in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. Each cardstock pawn slots into a size-appropriate plastic base from any of the Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box collections, making them easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With multiple pawns for commonly summoned creatures, the Summon Monster Pawn Collection is the best way to ensure you've got the perfect monsters to conjure for every Pathfinder Roleplaying Game encounter!

Legions of summoned extraplanar creatures come to life on your tabletop! Each pawn has its own abbreviation and identification number for easy sorting. The Summon Monster Pawn Collection includes:

Small (and Smaller)

  1. Archon, Lantern (4)
  2. Demon, Dretch (2)
  3. Dog (3)
  4. Eagle (4)
  5. Eel, Electric (2)
  1. Elemental, Air (3)
  2. Elemental, Earth (3)
  3. Elemental, Fire (3)
  4. Elemental, Water (3)
  1. Frog, Poison (2)
  2. Mephit, Fire (2)
  3. Mephit, Ice (2)
  4. Mephit, Ooze (2)
  1. Mephit, Water (2)
  2. Octopus (2)
  3. Rat, Dire (2)
  4. Viper (2)


  1. Angel, Astral Deva
  2. Ant, Giant Drone (2)
  3. Ant, Giant Soldier (2)
  4. Ant, Giant Worker (2)
  5. Archon, Hound (2)
  6. Archon, Trumpet
  7. Azata, Bralani (2)
  8. Azata, Ghaele
  9. Beetle, Fire (3)
  10. Boar (2)
  11. Cat, Cheetah (2)
  1. Cat, Leopard (2)
  2. Centipede, Giant (2)
  3. Demon, Babau (2)
  4. Demon, Shadow (3)
  5. Demon, Succubus (2)
  6. Devil, Barbed (2)
  7. Devil, Bearded (2)
  8. Devil, Erinyes (2)
  9. Devil, Lemure (2)
  10. Dinosaur, Deinonychus (2)
  1. Dolphin (2)
  2. Elemental, Air (3)
  3. Elemental, Earth (3)
  4. Elemental, Fire (3)
  5. Elemental, Water (3)
  6. Frog, Giant (2)
  7. Goblin Dog (2)
  8. Hell Hound (2)
  9. Horse, Pony (2)
  10. Hyena (2)
  1. Invisible Stalker (2)
  2. Kyton (2)
  3. Lizard, Monitor (3)
  4. Salamander (2)
  5. Snake, Constrictor (2)
  6. Spider, Giant (2)
  7. Squid (2)
  8. Wolf (2)
  9. Wolverine (3)
  10. Xill (2)


  1. Ape, Gorilla
  2. Ape, Dire
  3. Azata, Lillend
  4. Bat, Dire
  5. Bear, Dire
  6. Bear, Grizzly
  7. Boar, Dire (2)
  8. Crocodile
  1. Demon, Hezrou
  2. Demon, Vrock
  3. Devil, Bone
  4. Devil, Ice
  5. Dinosaur, Pteranodon
  6. Eel, Giant Moray
  7. Elemental, Air
  1. Elemental, Earth
  2. Elemental, Fire
  3. Elemental, Water
  4. Herd Animal, Aurochs
  5. Herd Animal, Bison
  6. Horse
  7. Lion
  1. Lion, Dire
  2. Octopus, Giant
  3. Rhinoceros
  4. Rhinoceros, Woolly
  5. Scorpion, Giant
  6. Shark
  7. Tiger, Dire
  8. Wasp, Giant
  9. Wolf, Dire


  1. Bebilith
  2. Demon, Glabrezu
  3. Demon, Nalfeshnee
  4. Dinosaur, Ankylosaurus
  1. Dinosaur, Elasmosaurus
  2. Dinosaur, Triceratops
  3. Dolphin, Orca
  4. Elemental, Air
  1. Elemental, Earth
  2. Elemental, Fire
  3. Elemental, Water
  1. Elephant (2)
  2. Elephant, Mastodon
  3. Squid, Giant

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-783-3

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Pawns Subscription.

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Product Reviews (4)

Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 4 ratings)

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Perfect Set for Monster Summoners and the Like!


There's a full list of the creatures included here on If you need creatures for your players or NPCs to summon, then this is the set that you need! This set continues the high quality pawn line with gorgeous art and sturdy construction. This is also the only set to date that features the HUGE elementals!

I always enjoy reading whiny reviews on Paizo, because honestly, people just love to complain. If you don't understand the quantity involved by reading the description online or the box itself, you need comprehension lessons. If you need more creatures than those included in one set, here's a novel idea, buy more than one set!

Good quality, but incomplete.

**( )( )( )

Product quality is good. Nice distinct artwork. Standing bases and creature size looks good.

My issue is the quantity of creatures this pack contains. There is a max number of creatures you can summon with the summoning spells. This product does not provide enough tokens for a basic summoning on almost all creatures included. Some creatures only have 1 of a given token. So while it's a great idea, this product, in my opinion, is incomplete and thus reduces it's overall usefulness quite a bit.

A Must Have Item


If you use Pathfinder Pawns, this is a must-have item. In fact, I'm going to buy a second one!

It has a great variety of common animals and monsters, especially really important ones that have been oddly neglected in other sets, like horses and ponies.

Also, the new huge elementals look frakking amazing! Seriously, I want to write them into my next adventure just to have those big beautiful bastards on the tabletop.

The art is, on average, also larger and easier to see than previous sets. Great job, Paizo.

If you are new to Pathfinder Pawns and don't know where to start, here's what I recommend:

1) Monster Codex
2) NPC Codex
3) Summon Monster
4) Bestiary Box 1

These four will give you a solid base of almost everything you need. Everything else you get after that will add variety and zest to your pawn collection.

Lots of variation

****( )

I recently bought this pawn collection at a local game store and I have to say I'm quite happy with it already. I love that the art on many of the pawns is a bit different from in the bestiaries, no longer does all dogs need to look alike! Actual cheetah pawns! More variations of mephits! I remember being disappointed that the Bestiary Box only had fire mephits. I also like that huge elementals have been included as it seems I don't have any from before. But speaking of elementals, I do wish you hadn't only included the base types. Gift Certificates
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