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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Races (PFRPG)

***½( ) (based on 11 ratings)
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Races (PFRPG)
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Peoples and Powers!

The peoples of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting have raised empires, mastered the greatest secrets of magic, and explored their world and beyond. Now delve into their histories, cultures, and powers with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Races! Inside this book, you'll find details on all the major races that shape the Inner Sea region, from elves and dwarves to celestial-touched aasimars and subterranean drow, along with new details on a variety of rare and mysterious populations. Dive into this tome of secrets and discover:

  • In-depth discussions of the natures, histories, and cultures of all seven core races—including 12 different human ethnicities—plus races like the maniacal goblins, crow-headed tengu, fiend-blooded tieflings, and more!
  • New feats, spells, magic items, armor, and weapons for characters of all the races commonly found in the Inner Sea region.
  • A summary of the rules for building a character of any featured race, as well as alternate heritages for races with diverse origins.
  • Character traits to help you get the most out of your character's cultural history, beliefs, and backstory.
  • Glimpses of rare races hardly ever seen in the Inner Sea region!

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-722-2

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription.

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Product Reviews (11)
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Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 11 ratings)

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INNER SEA HUMANS is more like it - Disappointing!

**( )( )( )

For people that don´t have the partly sold out Player Companions "xxx of Golarion", this book offers a brief overview of the different races that populate the "Inner Sea" and their history.

This book does a very poor job of compiling all the great information from the 32 pages Player Companions into one source.
Humans get by far the most pages, with some other races barely getting mentioned. Also there is 90% flavor and 10% rules in here, of which most are unusable.

This book is not worth $45 or $32 for the pdf.

If you´ll buy the "Elves of Golarion" pdf for $6.99,
"Dwarves of Golarion" pdf for $7.99,
"Gnomes of Golarion" pdf for $7.99,
"Halflings of Golarion" pdf for $7.99 and
"Humans of Golarion" pdf for $7.99, you will get much more flavor and crunch.
The Players Companion: "Humans of Golarion" alone covers about a third of this Hardcover in it´s 32 pages.

I thought this volume would compile the most important parts of the 10 Players Companions (Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Orcs, Halflings, Humans, Goblins, Blood of Fiends, Blood of Angels & Kobolds) into one volume, but it doesn´t.

Inferior to i.e. Humans of Golarion

*( )( )( )( )

and thus not worth buying. If you want the crunch, you can find it for free on PF crunch websites.

In other respects, all the changed in descriptive flavor (the things upon which role-playing is based) are actually steps backwards from previous products, such as Humans of Golarion.

Which is to say: this product is actually counter-productive. It actively makes the game worse. It indeed contributes to lack of RPing in the hobby, because the focus of the changes became what was fashionable in the current year. But nobody really needs a guide that caters to their own ideology; people who are going to play their own opinions out rather than immerse themselves in a fantasy mindeset can do it without a guide.

They will probably still buy it for confirming their views. I do concede there is some entertainment value in that sense. But for people interested in RPing in a fantasy sense, you are much, much better off simply buying the earlier race guides, which are still available, and giving this one a pass.

Great background and really glad it's not full of crunch


I had cut down on my Pathfinder purchases a lot because the volume of crunch is, to my mind, becoming pointless. Pathfinder Campaign Setting material is often the main exception to that and this is a great hardback, full of considerable detail on a great many races.

As others have pointed out, humans get a lot of coverage, but it doesn't feel like a bad idea, to me; they make up the substantial majority of playable individuals in Golarion, and have the most variety (on account of being so dominant over the Inner Sea), and as this isn't a bumper book of crunch--which I'd absolutely not have bought, anyway--then to my mind it makes a lot of sense.

Stuff like this is, in my opinion, where Paizo really excels. I get that the crunch-monster needs to be fed, but for many of me that obscures what I really liked about Paizo in the first place, which is that they make really engaging campaign material.

Great Book, Great Writing


This book is great for rounding out the information on the various ethnicities and species in the Golarion setting, with sidebars on every one that explains in a nutshell what it is to be them and how others see them.

I will also forever cherish the section on Goblins. My spouse doesn't game, so I rarely get to share my passion for Golarion and Pathfinder with her. The goblins entry is so good it had us both in spades. Well done.

A Pretty Neat Book

****( )

When I first heard of the concept of this book, I, like others, were expecting on more discussion from non-core races, like catfolk, strix, and tengu.
What I got...wasn't that bad.
Yes, it focuses more on the core races (including the human ethnics) and dips a little into the other races, but honestly, just in terms of the description and lore of each race, I'm pretty much in love with this book.
My only complaint is the feat selection-there's only 4 feats in this book that are NOT teamwork feats. If you're gonna play a class that can utilize these feats without relying on others to have the same feat (like an inquisitor) then it may not be that big of an issue-I can understand thematically why most of the feats are teamwork feats, but still, a little more variety in the non-teamwork feats would've helped.
Overall, I like this book-definitely not my favorite, but still something I recommend if you want a tool to help you make a PC closer to her race.

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