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Pathfinder Adventure Path: Iron Gods Interactive Maps PDF

***( )( ) (based on 3 ratings)

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This is a compilation of 38 maps from the entire Iron Gods Adventure Path, with special PDF-only interactive features: buttons that allow you to hide map tags and/or grids, or engage a player-friendly view, hiding secret doors and even obscuring secret rooms! These are the exact same maps that appear throughout the Iron Gods Adventure Path, presented at the exact same scale.

These interactive features are fully supported in current versions of Adobe Reader, but they may not work reliably with other PDF viewers. (In particular, Apple's PDF renderer does not currently support these interactive features, so they won't work with Apple's Preview app or iOS devices, including iPads and iPhones.) If your reader does not support the interactive features, you'll usually be able to see the maps, but the buttons won't hide anything. Adobe Reader is a free download from

Note that the Interactive Maps for each individual volume of the Adventure Path are already included with the PDF edition of the corresponding book, so if you already have the full set of Iron Gods PDFs, you do not need this collection.

Interactive maps do not support image extraction in Adobe Reader. The non-interactive versions of the maps can be found in the PDF editions of the individual Adventure Path volumes and may be extracted from those files. See the Interactive Map FAQ for more information.

Cartography by Robert Lazzaretti

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Product Reviews (3)

Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 3 ratings)

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Beautiful art, could use some work...

***( )( )

So, these interactive maps are absolutely beautiful. The art team that worked on this did an absolutely fantastic job.

I have 2 major beefs with this product that work together to make it such that I would not suggest purchase for my friends. The first lies in the technical features. The fact that we can't actually take the images out without using printscreen or something like that is honestly insulting. Makes these practically useless for gamers trying to use them in table games. However, that doesn't stop us from using printscreen or similar functionality to use the maps in online games (which are my primary means of gaming) so I purchased the maps...only to find that quite a lot of them have grids that are uneven! I don't mean a few pixels out of alignment...I mean visibly uneven to the naked eye with no magnification.

Now, that last bit may seem a bit minor or shallow, but I'm sorry...if I can't align the maps on a grid without it looking like I'm terrible at using click-and-drag alignment functions I should not be spending $15 on this. It's gotten bad enough that I tend to just remove the grids on maps and make my own...which is a lot of effort and kinda goes against the point of having a grid option in the first place.

TL;DR I would not recommend purchasing this product if you are looking for actual maps for use in online or face-to-face games. If you are looking for beautiful (low-res) handouts or gridless maps then by all means buy this. It is gorgeous and worth the cost.

Great for my use, but tread carefully.


To keep a long story short, I play on a virtual tabletop, as my players live across the country. These have been absolutely wonderful for use on such a tabletop, but I can easily see the qualms if you were to try to use this traditionally.

The only discredit this has to my use is that it does not allow copy and pasting of maps into image files, but that is already disclosed in the product information and is easily circumvented through use of basic functions like print screen.

A waste of money

*( )( )( )( )

Aside from the fact that these maps are clunky to use and not nearly as versatile as the description would suggest (you can either have all notes or no notes on a page- not a map, a page), they are also essentially useless.
The maps are all too low quality to turn into posters and print, so unless you have the money to afford a large flatscreen and extra computer don't bother.
In addition, at least some of the maps don't actually have the note toggles so they are useless again. I would like to know how James Jacobs uses them because he certainly doesn't use them the way any of the rest of us would- to create the often impossibly complex maps of the Pathfinder Adventures. A waste of $14.99 Gift Certificates
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