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Into the Pit (PFRPG) PDF

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Between the city of Tara and the valuable black salt mine known as the Pit stretches a barren expanse of dusty badlands. Decades ago, prisoners were sent to the Pit to labor in its lightless depths. Now it stands abandoned of living workers, inhabited only by the spirits of the dead and a vicious salt drake. Reclaiming the mine would bring great wealth to Tara and industry to its people. All the city needs is a group of heroes brave enough to venture into the Pit…

"Into The Pit" is a Pathfinder compatible adventure designed for four 7th-level PCs. By the end of the adventure, PCs should be midway between 7th and 8th level.

The adventure centers around the exploration of a multi-level underground black salt mine called the Pit, but the adventure offers more than a straightforward dungeon crawl. The PCs’ initial patron is the Black Knight, king of Tara. Over the course of the adventure, though, the PCs may receive an offer from Na’Kriss, the salt drake who lairs within the mine, to serve his needs instead.

Author and project manager: Amber E. Scott
Cover art and border design: Caitlin Bauer
Cartography and graphic design: Robert Brookes
Layout and design: Marie Small

44 page adventure, including full color maps for both GMs and players (unmarked).

This professionally developed adventure was part of the Black Diamond Games expansion Kickstarter.

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