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Pathfinder Society Scenario #6–97: Siege of Serpents (PFRPG) PDF

****( ) (based on 7 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1-11.

The Pathfinder Society has opened its gates to visitors from across the world in anticipation of the Grand Convocation, a magnificent festival in which Pathfinders share tales of their exploits, show off their findings, and celebrate the Society's accomplishments. However, an inopportune accident quickly spirals out of control when an old enemy attempts a brazen assault on the Pathfinders' home, and an unexpected foe emerges from hiding to seek vengeance for the Society's perceived crimes. Can the Pathfinders pacify the chaos and protect their guests while simultaneously defending the Grand Lodge?

Siege of Serpents is a multi-table interactive adventure in which each group's actions contribute to the entire room's success.

Written by Jim Groves.

Note: Siege of Serpents is designed for play in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild. It may be run anywhere by anyone, as long as there are 5 tables playing the scenario simultaneously and are in contact with each other. To inquire about access to this scenario, refer to the Organized Play Convention Support Policy.

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Product Reviews (7)
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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 7 ratings)

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****( )

A special with a high emphasis on combat

***( )( )

Specials are always, well, special. It's fun to have a lot of people around, and that's no different for this one. However, if I'm going to be honest, it just didn't have the same 'wow'-factor as other specials I've played. A menagerie is fun, but it felt a bit out of place to me. I simply struggle to imagine such a zoo in the backyard of our glorious lodge, but that might just me. Various kinds of archives would have made more sense to me.

What also failed to make sense to me, but what might be explained in 6-98, were the combats. As it stands now, they felt a bit random. I struggled to find any sort of connection between them all. It was as if a handful of different encounters were just tossed together, only in an effort to provide the players with challenging fights. And challenging they were, they really packed quite a punch. I would have liked a bit more background on the fights. That way it would have been more of a story. Mind you, this is from a tier 5-6 perspective and might very well be different and more cohesive in the other tiers.

Another point that disappointed me a little, was the fact that the special didn't really reward creativity. In the previous specials I've played, such as Legacy of the Stonelords, it felt as if all skills were useful. This time around, you could only use non-combat skills at the start of the special. After that, it was basically fight after fight. That basically disallows you to showcase your prowess other than your martial capabilities. With all respect, I feel that's a flaw in design, especially for a special. A mix of the two throughout the entirety of a special, such as in the Legacy of the Stonelords, is far more preferable in my opinion.

That's not to say the special is bad in every single way. As I mentioned, the fights are challenging and I was happy to see the return of the 'district-control'-mechanism. It also felt as if players had more time for encounters compared to every previous special. That is a major improvement that can not be stressed enough.

I just don't think it's as good or balanced as other specials when it comes to storyline and creativity. Compared to scenarios however, working together with multiple groups at the same time always adds that extra something to a special. That sense of cooperation is unrivalled and that alone makes me want to recommend Siege of Serpents. If you have a chance to play a special, you should always do so. But if you get the choose between Specials, I'd honestly go for a different one instead.

Fun, but doesn't achieve everything it sets out to do

****( )

I just ran this and had a good time with friends, but I'm alo left slightly disappointed.

- Good story, engaging and with no facepalm stupidity moments
- No stupid "invisible walls" (some non-stupid ones)
- Encounters advance and tell the story to the players
- Lots of rarely-seen monsters to make your players go "whaaa..."
- Chronicle sheet is equally awesome for all tiers

- Goons from the NPC Codex are sorely underpowered. I couldn't realistically challenge the PCs with them. To-hit was too low, AC too low.
- Too many encounters; to get a complete success all the tables need to complete LOTS of encounters, but there's not enough time for that in six hours let alone four.
- Final encounter has so very little to do with the story. The "boss" wasn't.
- Too many creatures with abilities that flourish in particular environments, locked up in rooms where they can't use them.

Goons with area attacks that will inevitably damage their allies, flyby monsters in rooms with nowhere to go.

PFS #6-97 - Siege of Serpents

****( )

An excellent close out for season 6!

As usual, a very busy scenario with little / no time to fool around. Despite that, I didn't feel quite as rushed as in prior specials. We accomplished everything in a relatively timely manor and only had one encounter cut off prematurely to move on to the next part of the scenario.

Overall I was very pleased!

Big Scale, Big Events

***( )( )

- Closes out season 6 in a big way
- Good variety of encounters/challenges that fit the situation
- Area defense is great mechanic for multi-table cooperatives
- Some really good encounters, especially once you learn the backstory behind them

- Too much to do in a 5 hour slot
- Ridiculously easy for the bad guys at times
- Complexities of the plot really don't come through for players (Really need to play 6-98 to make sense of things)
- Too many map packs and flip mats required (try to use more maps from the same pack or both sides of a map instead of every encounter location being a different pack.)
- Why do pathfinders even hold convocations anymore? Have any of them not become a disaster?

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