Pathfinder Player Companion: Familiar Folio (PFRPG)

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Familiar Folio (PFRPG)
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Helping Hands and Spying Eyes

It’s time to make your familiar more fearsome! Whether you’re looking to give your magical ally an archetype to transform it into a brutish battle companion or you’re just scouting the menagerie of available familiars, Pathfinder Player Companion: Familiar Folio has you covered. This volume provides a bevy of new options, including new rules that allow characters of any class to gain familiars. Featuring all-new feats, items, spells, archetypes, and—of course—familiars, this Pathfinder Player Companion is the perfect accessory for spellcasters, as well as any player who fancies teaming up with a fantastic, travel-sized friend.

Inside this book, you’ll find:

  • A comprehensive list of familiars in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, guaranteed to make choosing yours both quick and convenient.
  • New archetypes like the duettist bard and eldritch guardian fighter, allowing classes traditionally without familiars to gain animal allies tied to their class abilities.
  • Familiar archetypes that allow players to customize their familiars to excel in combat, dispense untold wisdom, or even gain powers from a school of magic.
  • Bloodline and patron familiars that manifest abilities from the same powers inherent to bloodragers, sorcerers, and witches.
  • Information on the familiars most popular within specific groups on Golarion, like Hellknights and the Pathfinder Society.

This Pathfinder Player Companion is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Pathfinder campaign setting, but can easily be incorporated into any fantasy world.

Written by Will McCardell, Philip Minchin, Mark Seifter, and Jerome Virnich.
Cover Art by Emily Fiegenschuh.

Each monthly 32-page Pathfinder Player Companion contains several player-focused articles exploring the volume’s theme as well as short articles with innovative new rules for all types of characters, as well as traits to better anchor the player to the campaign.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-731-4

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****( ) (based on 7 ratings)

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Interesting Options


I picked this up because I was picking up an arcane class and curious as to the additional options that came out.

It's a book that applies to multiple classes, one of the more interesting archetypes given a game to pick up might be the story behind the Paladin with a familiar and its a good story creation stand point.

Not only does this open up various familiars but gives even better options for the character.

Fun Book!

****( )

Read my full review on Of Dice and Pen.

These days, I generally find myself growing tired of books that are almost entirely crunch. There's so much out there already that, unless the new stuff is exemplary, it just ends up seeming forgettable. Familiar Folio, however, is a definite exception. It expands the game in an area that has seen very little expansion, and thus is far more memorable. It is a very welcome resource and will add needed new levels of fun to familiars.

Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Pathfinder Player Companion: Familiar Folio

****( )

Originally posted at Throat Punch Games, a new idea everyday!

Product- Familiar Folio
System- Pathfinder
Producer- Paizo Publishing
Price- $12.99
TL; DR- Useful if you already like familiars. 88%

Basics-Every great wizard has a familiar, why can’t you! Familiar Folio is a Pathfinder Player Companion book discussing familiars, how to add them to new characters, and how to improve them. Like every other book in the companion line, it adds new feats, archetypes, items, spells, and other options for players and their familiar’s alike.

Mechanics or Crunch-This book is amazing, if you already like familiars. This book won’t really win you over if you didn’t already have a character concept for familiars. Every option added in this book is great, but familiars tend to work just like alchemy in Pathfinder, great if you love them, bad if you don’t. After seeing what’s here, I can say that if I played a character who wanted a familiar, I’d absolutely want what's here. However, if I played someone who had the options of not having one vs having one, I don’t think this book would win me over to the familiar side, even with a mascot (familiar). 4.25/5

Theme or Fluff- This book discusses some of the story aspects of familiars, but it doesn’t really go out of its way to add them in deeper. The book covers topics like how to roleplay with them, and it does have a bit of how different locations in Golarion would use familiars and the types in those locations. But, it’s not much beyond that. This is primarily a crunch heavy book. 4/5

Execution-This was put out by Paizo. For anything you can say about Paizo, the unarguable truth is they know how to make a book well. It’s got great art, great layout, and was a pleasure to read. 5/5

Summary-The simple question to this book is, “Will you use or want a familiar?” If you said yes, then you get this book. If not, then don’t. Like I said with alchemy, familiars are extremely divisive. You love your familiar, then you will love this book. If you couldn’t care less about your wizard friend's odd toad in his pocket, then you don’t want this book. What this book is is well written, a bit light on story, but overall well put together. Just decide if you want a tag along before you begin. 88%

Useful, but not inspiring

***( )( )

I think this book does what it sets out to do: make familiars more useful, engaging, and tied into character flavor.

But it doesn't make me want to run out and create any characters (although the Chosen One is pretty sweet). Mostly, it'll wait until one of my players says "ooooo, can I have a familiar?"

I have a more in-depth review posted here.

Fun, Flavorful Options

****( )

This book offers all sorts of Familiar related options, as would be expected from something titled "Familiar Folio", giving Familiar Options to the Paladin, Bard, Fighter, and Druid, as well as a host of flavorful familiar-centric archetypes to the Magus, Alchemist, Wizard, and Witch.

Even the Familiars themselves get archetypes! When the tagline up there says "Excel in combat", they weren't joking!

what keeps this book from 5 stars is the complete lack of acknowledgement that the Shaman class even exists, even going so far as to say the witch is "the only character class that has familiars as an integral part of its abilities". while I'm not the biggest fan of the class, it still seems pretty negligent.

all in all, it's definately a worthwhile buy, nice and fluffy while also providing satisfying crunch

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