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Kobold Guide to Combat

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A full-throated battle cry. The clash of swords.
The smells of smoke, mud, and blood. Combat!

At the heart of every adventure lies conflict, whether it’s between a cursed knight and a half-elf prince at swordspoint, a troupe of adventurers facing down an ogre, or the armies of two great nations clashing for ultimate power.

Between these covers, 20 master game designers and storytellers get into the thick of it. With essays that cover everything from strategy and tactics to the history of military systems at war, from increasing the tension in a conflict to using monsters, magic, and war machines on the field, these creators show you how to bring together the elements to create great combat on the tabletop and in your storytelling.

Open these pages and enter the fray!

The Essential Guide to Combat in Fiction and Games
This companion for fantasy gamers and readers alike is edited by Janna Silverstein, and features essays by:

  • Wolfgang Baur
  • Clinton Boomer
  • Ed Greenwood
  • Jeff Grubb
  • Rob Heinsoo
  • Colin McComb
  • Richard Pett
  • Chris Pramas
  • Aaron Rosenberg
  • John A. Pitts & Ken Scholes
  • Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • Steve Winter
  • and many more!
This latest volume in the best-selling and award-winning series of Kobold Guides tackles the violence and heroism at the heart of the fantasy genre. Improve your game and expand your combat storytelling skill with the Kobold Guide to Combat!

Praise for Prior Design Guides

“Class is in session... The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding SHOULD be considered a textbook on intelligent setting creation.” —Dave Hinojosa, The Gaming Gang
"A fantastic resource" —Skyland Games
“While the book is aimed at the RPG crowd, a huge percentage of the material would be just as valuable to an author writing a novel set in an original world... For anyone who’s ever had the drive to create a fictional place... The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding will spark some new ideas and help you add the proper doses of verisimilitude and outlandishness.” —Ed Grabianowski, i09
"Highly recommended for gaming nerds everywhere." —
"If you're an aspiring pro this book is a must. If you're a rules hacker like me, this stuff is solid gold." —Berin Kinsman, UncleBear Media
"A fantastic collection... a solid 5 star rating." —Joshua Gullion,
"An amazing collection... from some of the best designers and writers creating role-playing game material today." —Brian Fitzpatrick,

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