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Pathfinder Chronicler Anthology, Vol. 3 Download

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In its third installment, Pathfinder Chronicler Anthology Volume III provides twenty-three short stories from members of the Paizo fan community at This volume concludes our feature on "nations of treachery," with particular focus on the twisted rites and customs of Nidal, the pirate isles of The Shackles, and the undead-ruled land of Geb. It also includes several other tales from across the Inner Sea, and an insightful foreword by Paizo editor-in-chief, F. Wesley Schneider.

Authors: Miles Adams, B.R. Bearden, Elaine Betts, Clinton J. Boomer, Jess Carson, Kalyna Conrad, Robert Drouin, Dawn Fischer, Shaun Hocking, Maggie Hoyt, Derek M. Johnson, Michael Kortes, Alex Lindsay, Patrick Napier, Chad O’Neil, M.C. Shelby, Laura Sheppard, Crystle Stevenson, Todd Stewart, Kate Taylor, Sadie Thompson, Ted Thompson and W. David Wood.

Editors: Sean Crandall, Laura Sheppard & Ted Thompson.
Cover Artist: Carolina Eade.

This free download includes both PDF and ePub versions.

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