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Pathfinder Legends Digital Ongoing Subscription

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Pathfinder Legends full-cast audio adventures from Big Finish bring the world and characters of the Pathfinder Adventure Path to life! Each Pathfinder Legends episode adapts a single volume of a popular Adventure Path like Rise of the Runelords or Mummy's Mask with sound effects, music, and in-character dialogue provided by Big Finish's award-winning actors and studio technicians. Featuring Pathfinder iconic characters like Valeros, Merisiel, Ezren and Harsk, each episode runs between 1 and 2 hours, immersing you in the dangerous and exciting world of Pathfinder!

Big Finish releases Pathfinder Legends monthly in six-episode arcs. With your ongoing Pathfinder Legends digital subscription, we'll grant you each new installment and charge your payment method automatically as each product releases. You only need to sign up once, and never need to worry about renewal notice or missed products.

Aside from receiving the latest Pathfinder Legends audio adventures, you'll also receive:

  • A 20% discount off of the MSRP of each digital episode

Have specific questions about the Pathfinder Legends digital ongoing subscription and how it works? Check the FAQ.

Have more questions about subscriptions? Check the Paizo Subscriptions FAQ for more details.

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Pathfinder Legends—Curse of the Crimson Throne #6: Crown of Fangs Pathfinder Legends—Curse of the Crimson Throne #6: Crown of Fangs Download Will be added to your My Downloads Page immediately upon purchase of Download. Start with this Product

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How does the Pathfinder Legends digital subscription work?

By signing up for Pathfinder Legends digital subscription, you'll get each digital episode released delivered to your My Downloads page and your payment method charged automatically as each product releases. Much like other Paizo subscriptions, you will receive an email prior to the subscription "shipment" to let you know we're about to charge your payment method and grant the product to your account. You will also receive a confirmation email when your subscription product has "shipped" and is available for download.

If you choose to start your Pathfinder Legends digital subscription with the current release, it will be charged and delivered to your account immediately upon checkout.

The Pathfinder Legends digital subscription differs from other Paizo subscriptions in that does not include sidecart functionality. To learn more about the sidecart, please see this FAQ.

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Can I subscribe to both the Pathfinder Legends physical subscription and the Pathfinder Legends digital subscription?

No. Because the Pathfinder Legends subscriptions have overlapping benefits, so we don't recommend trying to sign up for both. If you've subscribed to both the physical and digital subscription, please contact Customer Service to cancel the extra subscription.

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Can I return or exchange items received with my Pathfinder Legends digital subscription?

No. Products added to your account via a digital subscription are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

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Can I gift a Pathfinder Legends digital subscription to someone?

No. Currently it is not possible to gift digital subscriptions.

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Pathfinder Legends—Curse of the Crimson Throne #4: A History of Ashes
1. Pathfinder Legends—Curse of the Crimson Throne #4: A History of Ashes

Add CD Set $21.99

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2. Pathfinder Legends—Curse of the Crimson Throne #3: Escape from Old Korvosa
3. Pathfinder Legends—Curse of the Crimson Throne #5: Skeletons of Scarwall
4. Pathfinder Legends—Mummy's Mask #3: Shifting Sands
5. Pathfinder Legends—Curse of the Crimson Throne #6: Crown of Fangs
6. Pathfinder Legends—Mummy's Mask #1: The Half-Dead City

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