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JourneyQuest: Season 1 DVD

****½ (based on 5 ratings)

Our Price: $14.99

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A tale of severely reluctant heroism from the creators of The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.

Perf (Christian Doyle), a wizard of questionable competence, has had enough of this quest. He only wants two things: to win the heart of the elfmaid Nara (Anne Kennedy), and to go home. He can’t do the latter until his party finds and destroys an ancient, evil artifact—the legendary Sword of Fighting—and he can’t do the former because Nara hates him. Despite his attempts to flee, Perf can’t shake his love for Nara, a band of revenge-seeking Orcs, or the Sword of Fighting, which has plans of its own for Perf. His quest isn’t ending anytime soon. Onward!

Check out Episode 1 below!
<a href="">LinkedTube</a>
  • All 7 Season One Episodes
  • JQ Season 1: The Movie Version
  • Commentaries by the Cast and Crew
  • Fan Submissions: Redubs and Animation
  • Subtitles: English, German, Italian, Russian, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish, & Serbian
  • Outtakes & Easter Eggs
  • Season Two Teaser
  • R.L. McSterlingthong: Interviews and Commentary
  • Region 0 (region-free), NTSC

Praised by fantasy and sci-fi audiences around the world, JourneyQuest is creator distributed and fan supported.

“Immensely entertaining.”
    —Dice of Doom

“ With JourneyQuest, the Dead Gentlemen once again set the bar for independent comedy: smart, silly, wholly original, and, above all, genuinely fun.”
    —Rachel Edidin, Dark Horse Comics

“Your new favorite web series.”
    —Giant Fire Breathing Robot

“[I] am thoroughly hooked (and impressed! Great production values, acting and writing!)”
    —Cory Doctorow,

Anamorphic Widescreen
Region 0
Stereo Sound

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Product Reviews (5)

Average product rating:

****½ (based on 5 ratings)

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Extremely High Quality


I was taken immediately by the High Quality Picture in this Independent film. The rich colors really make the whole thing just generally pleasing to the eye.

Then the comedy kicked in...Holy Cow! This is some fun stuff! :D I don't know if its because I'm a gamer or if anyone would get these jokes, but wow. I was rolling. Love Glorian. The Acting is excellent. The Orcs are Great and the Orchish is Totally Awesome! Seriously, I'd recommend this product just for the incredible Orchish duel!

There are some sexual innuendo that seems a little inappropriate for mixed company. FYI, this is not really for children.

BUY THIS! It's worth every penny!

A great start

****( )

JourneyQuest was the second film/series I've seen from Dead Gentlemen Productions. It is easily the most high-end production in terms of special effects and make-up, and it is also some of their best work thus far. While I do wish there was a lot more here, I know that they probably didn't have the budget to go all out with this. But for what it is, JourneyQuest is a great start to something that will hopefully be expanded upon. If you think that this looks good, go to their site and check it out. And be sure to buy a copy. They are currently raising money for the second season of this show, so the more people who buy this, the closer we'll be to the next season. Cheers!

Geeks do it best!!


I watched this whole series through, and the outtakes. Great series. I then went to see Your Highness in the theaters. I will watch Journeyquest again to get the poor low-brow jokes of Your Highness out of my head. Personally I think it was much better writing in Journeyquest.

Killing equals Honor!


JourneyQuest is ambitious project. The high production value means that it is not a cheap series to produce- and yet, they did produce the first season, on their own dime. Now it's up to us! Watch part or all of it online (Yes! They support this!) then come back and buy the dvd. You not only get to watch the whole thing in movie mode, but there are also some really fantastic extras (including a teaser for season 2).
The thing I really love about this project is their 'No Studio, No Cancellation' tagline- if we want more, we don't have to worry that a network or studio will bury it, we can support it ourselves! So buy it! Share it! Let's keep it going!

So Awesome

****( )

I only rated this four star intead of five due to its lack of budget... that said. In every other way i found this epic and entertaining. Funny and inspired. Reminded me of many of my most enjoyable gaming experiences. A definate must see. I would love to see what these people could do with an actual budget. Gift Certificates
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