Pathfinder Society Scenario #6–00: Legacy of the Stonelords (PFRPG) PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1-11.

At long last, the Pathfinders have reached the lost Sky Citadel Jormurdun only to find it already occupied by fiends and subterranean foes. The Society must mount an epic offense to explore the immense subterranean city while simultaneously driving off the squatters within. If they succeed, the Pathfinders may discover that the greatest prize is not the mountain fortress itself but the treasure that lies at its heart. The adventure concludes Season 5, Year of the Demon.

Written by Mike Shel.

Note: Legacy of the Stonelords is designed for play in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild. It may be run anywhere by anyone, as long as there are 5 tables playing the scenario simultaneously and are in contact with each other. To inquire about access to this scenario, refer to the Organized Play Convention Support Policy.

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***½( ) (based on 12 ratings)

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***( )( )

Challenging, but there is something for everyone to enjoy


Similar to Damanta, Ascalaphus and Monkhoud below, I participated in this 8 table special, though I myself was playing at the lowest tier. I think we were also the table with the first player death that event. During the first fight, our level 2 cleric got a little cocky and ate a critical hit of 31 damage, dropping him down to -14 health instantly. Thankfully the GM's took mercy upon our soul and arranged an emergency teleport /raise dead just so he could continue to participate in this event. I doubt we would have been able to get through it all with just a group of 4 players. In hindsight I'd say the death was his own fault, but also that the first encounter was the hardest for us to deal with.

That is not to say that the rest of the scenario was a walkover or not challenging; we just realised we were lacking on the damage and tankiness front and debated, in character, on how to deal with that in the future. In the end we settled on using the enviroment in our advantage. We hid in narrow corridors and used my eidolon block the path. Buffing my lovely eidolon to silly amounts of AC meant we had a fighting chance. Or rather: we would not get crushed instantly, but it would still take us a long time to take the enemy down. Given the fact we were also the only table that actually looted the enemy corpses, we ended up with more than enough potions to close our wounds with.

While fights were not our strength, we had few problems with the plethora of puzzles. The puzzles themselves were great. There was plenty of variation and luckily we as a party more or less had all our bases covered when it came to knowledge checks. We were rather blessed in that aspect, though the dice often disagreed. It did allow us to come with out-of-the-box suggestions to solve issues, which made the journey rather enjoyable. Then again, the scenery and storyline was simply excellent with a couple of really nice twists thrown in as well.

All in all this was a scenario I am extremely proud of to have participated in. There was an amazing amount of diversity in encounters and every character is guaranteed to have a moment to shine. I do think that a party with more brawn than brains will have a slightly easier time overall than a party of know-it-alls, but they will struggle gaining any information about their surroundings. Perhaps they'll even flatout get caught off guard by something evil.

Moral of the story: get a balanced party, grab a few drinks and snack, and simply enjoy the amazing ride that is this scenario.

Tough but fair

***( )( )

This was my first Special and I enjoyed it immensely. I played it as a level 8 Living Monolith at tier 7-8 in the party with Ascalaphus and Damanta (earlier reviews).

Adventure, 3: The premise suggests a logical conclusion scenario for season 5. This promise is delivered nicely.

Combat, 4: The fights were pretty straightforward, although some monster abilities/spells were quite nasty. Fighting (and obliterating) the tier 10-11 encounter on the stairs felt epic for all of us (although our paladin was a bit disappointed).

Background/RP, 3: The way the end of season 5, which has a great Demon- & Jormurdun-focus, mingles with the theme of season 6 is actually nicely done. Needless to say you need to have played #6-01, #6-02 and/or #6-03 first to realize that. All you need to remember is that this is a "Fallen Sky Citadel" in more than one way way.
Although the background is great, actual RP sequences are pretty rare.

Skills, 4: Quite some tough knowledge skill checks were made, as well as some pretty difficult Disable Device checks. Cuddle and thank your party's Trapfinder if he is succesfull with them. As Ascalaphus mentioned earlier: Ever since character creation, I have enjoyed every time the ability came up.

General opinion, 3:
I don't know for the lower tier encounters, but at our tier, this scenario works a lot better if you really work as a team. Having played together before, we knew our strengths and weaknesses and what we had to do. Everyone had a major role which we were willing to fulfill, which gave each of us glorious moments. But in my opinion, if the required skills are poorly represented in a party, you may be in serious trouble.
The interaction between the tables was not very interesting, mostly because only a few people seemed to understand how this worked. I advise event overseers/GM's to explain this clearly at the beginning of the adventure.

A good test of endurance and team skill

****( )

I played with this with Damanta and Monkhound; I was the paladin.

I've previously played Siege of the Diamond City and Year of the Shadow Lodge, and I think Paizo's really getting better at making these. YotSL was chaotic, the interaction between groups was poorly worked out. In SotDS I played at the bottom tier and after beating back the 8th wave of nearly identical critters I was getting rather tired of it. So I was gratified that this special did much better.

Interaction between tables: this went smoother than before. I think part of it is the scenario; the big boss fight is set up a bit more plausibly than in YotSL. The Aid token came in very usefully, although we didn't really understand how it was supposed to be used. All we cared about was that it gave us a shot at curing a very nasty curse. I recommend that GMs have a handout with these rules for their table.

The combats were what you'd expect, but in a good way; we'd already played 6-01/2/3 earlier, and a lot of season 5, so we were quite ready for them. Even so, they were scary enough to make it exciting. The fights weren't terribly original, but they were a good fit for the place and time.

There was some RP here and there, but this isn't a social-heavy scenario. That was to be expected. Earlier in the year I'd found a boon to learn Dwarven. I took the hint and learned Dwarven, since it makes good sense when you're gonna storm a Dwarven ruin. This opened up some more options for our group.

There were quite a few puzzles and traps, which rewarded players for being sharp and attentive and bringing the right skillset. I know Monkhound was pretty happy to get to show off just how good his Ranger/Living Monolith was at the skill portion. Proper validation for anyone who's been told that Trapfinding is unimportant. But what sold it for me was that the traps were fairly clever; if all you do is throw dice at them you'll fare badly, but if you think things through it gets much better.

The time pressure element worked well for me. The organizers were well aware of it and planned for it. After a certain point you're told "this place is gonna become very unhealthy after X time", but the time is based on how much real-world time is remaining. In that time you want to achieve as many successes as possible, so playing together and playing fast is imperative. It also means that at some point you're like "we have only 15 minutes left before something horrible happens, do we try another side quest or do we run for the exit?" That gave us all a good adrenaline rush. How well this works out depends on how well your organizers plan for it.

In the big boss fight, you can fight at your own tier or choose to play up a tier. (It's literally on a sort of stairway, with scarier monsters on each rung. Which lampshades the metagaming very nicely.) If you win at higher tier your successes count for more. We'd been doing fairly well but weren't sure what to do. So like proper cautious Pathfinders we flipped a coin and went up high. That was a pretty furious fight. I think it's good this choice has been put into the scenario.

The "big twist" in this scenario isn't the most original thing I've ever seen, but it works very well. It's cliche but it's fun for the players so that's fine.

I've said that in a way the scenario isn't super surprising. But that's not the point; it's the climax of a big adventure arc and there's been a lot of foreshadowing about what you'll find there. So the challenge to the writers was to meet all those expectations. To set before you a dungeoncrawl for an army of PCs with worthy foes, a working system for intergroup cooperation, challenges of lore, ingenuity and combat. And the scenario delivers on that.

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