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Pathfinder Cards: Mummy’s Mask Item Cards Deck

***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)
Pathfinder Cards: Mummy’s Mask Item Cards Deck
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From the forgotten vaults of sand-choked ancient empires, this deck presents a trove of treasures for use in your Mummy’s Mask campaign, including funerary relics, canopic jars, shabti, and other plunder inspired by Ancient Egypt. Each of this set’s 54 beautifully illustrated, full-color cards includes space on the back to add notes for each item, allowing players to track their favorite treasures.

Pathfinder Item Cards allow heroes to keep track of their equipment in style. Each full-color card features a beautiful portrait of an item on one side with blank space on the back to keep notes. These Pathfinder Item Cards are designed for use with the Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path, but are compatible with any fantasy roleplaying game.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-609-6

  1. Lamellar Cuirass
  2. Padded Armor
  3. Steel Lamellar
  4. Light Shield
  5. Amulet
  6. Ankh
  7. Baboon
  8. Boat
  9. Book of the Dead
  10. Cartouche
  11. Chariot
  12. Crook and Flail
  13. Crown
  14. Embalming Tools
  1. Head Cloth
  2. Headdress
  3. Holy Symbol
  4. Holy Symbol
  5. Scarab
  6. Scepter
  7. Waterskin
  8. Potion
  9. Ring
  10. Rod
  11. Rod
  12. Scroll
  13. Staff
  14. Wand
  1. Battleaxe
  2. Composite Shortbow
  3. Khopesh
  4. Light Mace
  5. Scimitar
  6. Scorpion Whip
  7. Spear
  8. Armband
  9. Bottle of Sand
  10. Canopic Jars
  11. Chest
  12. Cobra
  13. Device
  1. Figurine
  2. Figurine
  3. Funerary Mask
  4. Game
  5. Kohl
  6. Lotus Flower
  7. Mummified Cat
  8. Mummy's Hand
  9. Necklace
  10. Sarcophagus
  11. Sistrum
  12. Stone Tablet
  13. Ushabti

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Cards Subscription.

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Pathfinder Cards: Mummy’s Mask Item Cards Deck Pathfinder Cards: Mummy’s Mask Item Cards Deck Pathfinder Cards: Mummy’s Mask Item Cards Deck

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Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Not quite up to scratch

***( )( )

The artwork is noticeably more simplistic than many of the other card decks, which means it doesn't "blend in" well.

The back seems to be entirely normal card coating which makes the notes area difficult to write on properly even with a ball-point pen.

Unsurprisingly the deck is almost entirely Egyptian themed, even for items that would otherwise be generic like the chest. Which is not a problem if that's what you want it for, but limits it's appeal otherwise.

It does have a Khopesh though, which I counted as a plus. Gift Certificates
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