Zogonia: Slice of Death

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Zogonia: Slice of Death
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Join the adventuring rogue Kev and his companions Domato and Dindil as they greedily explore Tony Moseley's treacherous and hilarious world of Zogonia! Delve dungeons filled with ravenous beasts, deadly traps, and even deadlier companions in this side-splitting collection of one of Dragon magazine’s most popular cartoons!

Zogonia: Slice of Death contains 64 pages of comic strips old and new, collected from the pages of Dragon. It also features an introduction by Tony Moseley revealing the artist’s look at the series.

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 8 ratings)

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Awesomely Funny

****( )

Next to The Order of the Stick, I found Zogonia and Mt. Zogon to be some of the funniest comics to appear in Dragon and Dungeon magazine. Certainly, they were worthy successors to such greats as Snarfquest and Wormy.

Unfortunately, since it seems like Tony Moseley has vanished off the face of the Earth, it's too bad this compilation is missing the most recent of comics; if all the strips had been included it would have rated 5 stars, easy. It's still worth the full price of $15.



@Krypter: You didn't notice the artist commentary on every single comic in this book, as well as a forward, previously unpublished comics, and a handful of Mt. Zogon strips near the end?

Did you even look at this product?

Hilarious, but no-frills

****( )

I love Zogonia's humour and the "woodblock" illustration style used throughout the series, but I was a little disappointed with the no-frills presentation of this book. Stranger still, half of the comics seem to be hand-printed while the other half seem to be computer-generated. I'm not sure why that is, but the author seems to have neglected an opportunity to add interesting content, or even commentary, about his work.

In other words, there's nothing new here if you've already read the comic in the magazines and on the website, which is a pity because the Downer comic book managed to add tonnes of nifty content.

Despite these little disappointments, this is one of the funniest D&D comics you will ever read.

Hilarious and obnoxious is all the right ways


I love Zogonia so much. Actually, I'm about to order my second key fob. Kev is such a total dork, but somehow completely lovable. :D

Astonishingly good


Zogonia measures up to any of the comics in Dragon's long history. (In fact, I'd put it ahead of most of them.) It works great as a D&D comic strip, but gamer knowledge isn't necessary to appreciate the humor, as it sometimes is for other Dragon comics over the years.

Kev is a classic comedy archetype, seen in sitcoms, films, and even Shakespeare's plays. Unfortunately, this time, he's armed and has access to magic items. Hilarity inevitably ensues.

A must-buy.

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For those buying or have already bought and want more, check out the unofficial zogonia facebook page at:


I want to mention that while this page is unofficial, it's being run by a magazine trying to prove to Mr. Moseley that the fans do want more zogonia. If they can prove it, they may even be able to convince him to run a kickstarter. Drop by and show the love by hitting the like button and perhaps we'll get the additional comics we've always wanted!

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