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Every town has a backstory, and quiet Belhaim has tales of ferocious dragons and a hero that faced it down. That was long ago, but now Belhaim is back on the map with Pathfinder Modules: The Dragon's Demand!

"The People of Belhaim" contains over 50 miniatures representing many of the townsfolk in Belhaim, from Lady Origena Devy, matron of the Devy estates, to farmers like Etor Adula and tinker Phedra Delbin. In "The People of Belhaim," you'll receive the following miniatures for your in your tabletop roleplaying game:

  • Adjatte Gruev, female expert
  • Anagrit, female witch
  • Axelia Medus, female expert
  • Bassy, female gnome bard
  • Belko Adras, male expert
  • "Big Bull" Baccus, male half-orc warrior
  • Calladastina Honas, female expert
  • Caspar Tymek, male commoner
  • Chavis Gorendel, male expert
  • Chosk Grellen, male expert
  • Davin Melashi, male expert
  • Dendo Bendetto, male expert
  • Dorcas Soory, female expert
  • Emarthine Willoway, female elf druid
  • Enrie Monette, male expert/warrior
  • Etor Adula, male commoner
  • Eudomas Biton, male ranger
  • Eupapehnia Targas, female aristocrat/cleric of Abadar
  • Euphemi Hardglow, female commoner
  • Gergis "Gorgeous" Bellett, male warrior
  • Gregol Lenton, male expert
  • Ionnia Nachis, female expert
  • Isadorer Malak, female commoner
  • Jace Timon, female commoner
  • Jacoba Kivris, female aristocrat/expert
  • Lennold Brenlow, male expert
  • Lezara Dodgion, female cavalier
  • Lorna Kandos, female expert
  • Mafellen Kandos, male expert
  • Melanctha Adras, female rogue
  • Marcus Chance, male expert/warrior
  • Marla Varlis, female commoner
  • Marvon Pascis, male commoner
  • Mirary Scalyn, female commoner 3
  • Nilos Genser, male bard/cleric of Shelyn
  • Origena Devy, female aristocrat
  • Orrin Alki, male commoner
  • Otho Burr, male aristocrat/bard
  • Pasara Odayalle, female commoner
  • Pelle Benhovy, male aristocrat/fighter
  • Pelnas Magara, male commoner
  • Pero Govan, male expert
  • Phedra Delbin, female expert
  • Prake Abrassus, male commoner
  • Raissa Karvely, female commoner
  • Selia Woldenar, female expert/warrior
  • Sheep (3)
  • Swerlo Grayhands, male rogue
  • Talia Orem, female expert
  • Theon Sensina, male commoner
  • Tivadar Admes, male expert
  • Villager, female human (4)
  • Villager, male human (4)
  • Villager and donkey (Large)
  • Villager and horse (Large)
  • Villager and wagon (Huge)
  • Xenne of Demgazi, female alchemist
  • Zera Dymas, female commoner

Artwork by Callous Jack.

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I really love these paper miniatures, which support the Dragon's Demand module. These are even better than using painted plastic or lead miniatures, because each and every villager in Belhaim is given his or her own unique miniature and likeness. The art is excellent and so is the variety. I particularly appreciate the serious art style which is significantly less "cartoonish" than some previous Paizo paper miniatures.

If you're running Dragon's Demand, or indeed any adventure based in a town or urban area, I can't recommend these highly enough. I'm running a play-by-post game and use the images to give life to the characters as they appear in the game.