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Pathfinder Battles—Wrath of the Righteous

****( ) (based on 11 ratings)

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The demon-cursed Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder Adventure Path comes alive on your gaming table with Pathfinder Battles: Wrath of the Righteous, the brand new Pathfinder Battles pre-painted miniature set from Paizo Publishing and WizKids Games!

This stunning set features 55 all-new pre-painted sculpts drawn from the gorgeous art of Paizo Publishing's award-winning Pathfinder Adventure Path. With characters and monsters drawn from all 6 monthly volumes of the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path, this set gives players and game masters everything they need to take the fight to the heart of evil itself!

Pathfinder Battles figures come in a variety of randomly assorted packaging options.

  • Wrath of the Righteous Standard Boosters contain 1 Large figure and 3 Medium or Small figures
  • Wrath of the Righteous Standard Bricks contain 8 Standard Boosters (32 figures total)
  • Wrath of the Righteous Standard Cases contain 4 Standard Bricks (32 Standard Boosters, 128 figures total)
Purchasers should get no to very few duplicate figures in a brick. Buyers who purchase factory-sealed cases should get a nearly complete set of figures. (As with any randomized product, collation is not guaranteed.)

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Battles Case Subscription.

Product Availability

Ships from our warehouse in 1 to 7 business days.

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Product Reviews (11)
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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 11 ratings)

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Total Satisfaction


Got this as my first case from my subscription.
I live in Germany so i panicked a bit as the toll collectors called me. Had to pay an additional 62$ for the Pickup in my Country but it's a bargain compared to what the Retailers in Germany take for a full Case.
All in all I paid around 260$ less than i would if i bought them locally.

Now regarding the Case itself :)
I was very Pleased finding 1 miniature for every there is in the set :)
3 of the Figures broke from their base. I can tell 1 wasn't fixed well enough because it simply slipped from its position....the other 2 broke apart because of problems with the packaging density :)...but i'd rather have 1 for every there is instead of everything packed neatly but missing some figures.

Sorry for Spelling Errors, you may keep'em
I will certainly continue my subscription and can't wait for the next shipment :)

Very pleased


I just finished opening up an entire Wrath of the Righteous case, and am very pleased with its contents. I was somewhat dissapointed with some of the paint jobs in the Legends of Golarion set, of which I only purchased a single brick. I'm glad to say that Erik Mona's promises came through, and the paintjobs in this set are mostly excellent, although they do still seem to be struggling with the human faces somewhat.

I've gotten a complete set out of it, and am pretty happy with the distribution. I've received exactly one of each rare, and at the very least two, and usually three or more, of the others. They've got the distribution of the sets nailed down it seems. The last time I bought a complete case was with the Shattered Star set, so I don't have any reference for the Skull & Shackles and LoG cases.

There was very little breakage in the set for me, about four or five who had come off their base, and one of those was because I pulled it out before I removed the little wire holding it in place, but all of them were very easily fixed with a small dab of glue.

Some of my favorite ones are the will-o'-wisp, which look just awesome with the small floating skull in the translucent blue; Baphomet, who looks very impressive; Faxon, who has a cool little decal on his chest representing Asmodeus' holy symbol; and the Vescavor Queen, who's paint scheme is very well-done. From all the Pathfinder Battles sets, Wrath of the Righteous definitely ranks as one of my favorites so far.

First Time Mini Buyer!


I got my tax return in time to take advantage of the 12thman discount and decided my group needed some new Minis. I was so excited to see that Case and Deskari by the fence.

I went through and looked at all the minis, but didn't completely unbox them yet since they're going to our GM's house. They all came in excellent condition, a few pole arms bent here and there. Only one is off of it's base, the large female Minotaur. I got at least one of each mini in the case and about 3 of all the common ones. I think I got a few too many of the Vescavor Queen, but otherwise a good mix.

Getting the case in order to get Deskari was definitely worth it, he's definitely a beautifully done figure (as beautiful as you can be for a giant evil god of Locusts).

This set is worth your gaming dollars.


Many reviewers have complained about the size of the minis, the coloring being dark (not cartoony like the Heroes and Monsters set), the wings over hanging, etc. I honestly think people are a touch extreme with their criticisms of these minis. These are beautiful minis. The coloring was spot on for most minis (of course not every mini was painted perfectly, but that is the nature of the beast), I mean c'mon, this set is comprised of demons mostly... What PC would be intimidated by a cartoony Balor? No PC ever. With sizing it is better to over estimate the size of something than underestimate it. Case in point the Troll mini from Heroes and Monsters. The troll is a runt, a blemish on the name of trolls everywhere. I would much rather have Paizo and Wizkids make a creature just a smidge larger than for them to go undersized. Besides they are usually spot on with sizing the minis. This is a fantastic set that is well put together. This set is a buy for sure.

too many overhanging wings

***( )( )

I ordered a case and got a complete set. That's good. There were no obvious painting mistakes, unlike my *Legends of Golarion* case. The case had "only" one broken miniature (a Grimslake snapped off its base), which is better than previous sets but still worse than 0, and therefore bad. The color choices are still too drab for my taste; some of the miniatures again just look like bumpy lumps of brown or black, for example the Mongrel Archer. I wish Paizo would revert to the brighter, more contrasting color scheme from *Heroes and Monsters*. (Some people complained that those miniatures were too cartoony, but I like that cartoony look.)

However, the biggest issue I have with this set is new: there are far too many miniatures that overhang outside their bases. For example (this is not an exhaustive list): Slimy Fiend, Tarry Fiend, Death Demon, Frost Drake, Rift Drake, Vescavor Queen, Khorramzadeh.

I'll basically never use these miniatures in a game, even if they're a perfect fit for the creature the miniature is supposed to model, because it's just too much hassle to fuss with them and prevent them from knocking each other over or falling down.

The sad part is that I remember reading a response given by a Pathfinder Battles developer to the question of why the Pathfinder Battles gargantuan dragons seem smaller than the old D&D miniatures gargantuan dragons. One of his answers was that the Pathfinder Battles team refused to have the monster overhang so far past its 4x4 base, and that they thought the D&D team cheated in this respect. Apparently the Pathfinder Battles team has now reversed that decision. That's too bad.

Ironically, overhang is less important for gargantuan miniatures, first because you can find a way to fit the medium sized characters around it, and second because the gargantuan miniature is heavy enough that it's in no danger of toppling over. But significant overhang is a really big deal with medium and large sized miniatures, because it just makes things so fussy, and everything keeps falling over. Anyway, I'm disappointed that about 20% of these miniatures will never see actual play at my table, not because they're too exotic or ugly but just because their wingspans extend so far beyond their bases.

Paizo: please address this overhang issue and don't let it happen again. Thanks.

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