Pathfinder Battles—Legends of Golarion: Gargantuan Green Dragon

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The Gargantuan Green Dragon Preys Upon All Who Dare Cross Its Path!

This deluxe figure stands several inches tall and towers over all the miniatures in the Pathfinder Battles: Legends of Golarion set. The perfect adversary for your next adventure, the Gargantuan Green Dragon is a beautiful display piece as well!

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Battles Case Subscription.

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****( ) (based on 9 ratings)

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Amazing, but rather short.

****( )

This figure is fantastic, but it feels rather small. Its details are fantastic and quite sturdy. However, its height compared to the Rune Giant figure I bought made me feel somewhat unsatisfied. Especially after comparing its height with my Toad Demon miniature and how it almost matches this figure's height. I guess the Rune Giant figure kinda spoiled me.

Overall, it's a good gargantuan miniature. Wouldn't buy another one, but I would absolutely love it if someone bought it for me.



This bad boy is awesome. I bought him just so I had something nice to represent something gargantuan. Despite that, this mini is really great with a menacing pose,and nice texture. If you are in the market for dragons, I would recommend this one.

Big, Green, and Angry!!!!


This miniature is very impressive. The pose is dynamic and fierce. The photo used for this mini does not do it justice. The shade of green that they used really pops when you see it. Some reviewers complained about the fact that the dragon's horn is green instead of black or a bone color. That is an unfair criticism seeing as the artwork for green dragons in the world of Golarion have green horns... So really, they shouldn't be upset about the mini being faithful to the artwork. Another criticism is that this mini seems awful small for a gargantuan. While it is the smallest of the gargantuans, it is by no means a runt. If the dragon was on its hind legs the beast would be around the height of the others, but honestly the pose they chose was great. This is a glorious mini and well worth your money.

Nice Dragon

****( )

I like the way this dragon looks. The sculpt is nice and the colors fit the art quite nice. Dispite the fact it is slightly small for a Gargantuan, I really am glad I bought this figure. I would say get it if you haven't yet. It is well worth owning.

Nice Dragon

****( )

I am actually very pleased with this dragon. The paint job was a little bland, but it was good enough. The dragon seemed durable and I like the sculpt. We needed a green dragon and got one. I added this one to my collection and am very happy about it.

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