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The Blue Book 2016 PDF

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Welcome to the ultimate guide to 0one’s Blueprints.

Just in case you didn’t know, we are about to reach our Blueprint number 100! That’s it, one hundred blueprints will soon be available to you and that means you have more than 600 maps to build adventures on. Blueprints are 0one Games best selling product and they have become the bread-and-butter of each game master.
But why Blueprints are so successful? We could say because they are clear, meaningful maps, or because they are customizable to suit everyone’s gaming needs, or maybe because they are inexpensive and print out nicely without wasting your precious ink. I believe these all are weighting factors, but, to me, the main reason is because they spark our imagination. I could build dozens of different adventures upon a single Blueprint, and I am sure there are gamers out there who do it, everyday.

So, here it comes this guide, to help you to find and use the map which best suits your needs. We plan to update the Blue Book at least yearly.

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Catalog of Maps 0one sells

****( )

This is a catalog of "blueprints" (map collections) that 0oneGames sells. Each has a paragraph describing the blueprint, followed by some plot suggestions for adventures you could create using it.

Would have been better if they could have included clickable links in the file to take you to each blueprint on their web page. Also, I would have liked to see more of the maps in each blueprint - this catalog only shows sections of 1 or 2 maps for each, and many of the blueprints contain over a dozen maps! Gift Certificates
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