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File Off the Serial Numbers (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 1 rating)

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File Off the Serial Numbers is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game-compatible sourcebook giving advice and examples for using existing monster stat blocks in new "roles" as NPCs. For example:

  • Use a young black dragon's stat block as a CR 7 lizardfolk sorcerer
  • Use a dark creeper's stat block as a CR 2 rogue
  • Use a succubus's stat block as a CR 7 enchanter
  • Use a xill's stat block as a CR 6 monk or rogue
  • Use a yeti's stat block as a CR 3 barbarian

This PDF gives over 80 examples of how to use existing monster stat blocks as humanoid NPCs, explains how to quickly swap or ignore irrelevant monster abilities, and includes tables quickly summarizing roles by CR, class, and creature size. The point of File Off the Serial Numbers is to get more use out of the monster stat blocks you already have, and save you time when you quickly need an NPC or adversary when the PCs take an unexpected turn.

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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Great for the Money!


I tend to be kind of jaded by anything that anyone "recommends" as a good tool for GMs. By this point, it's not that the advice out there is bad, it's that odds keep getting better and better that I've heard it before.

That doesn't stop me from looking though and in this case, I'm really happy about what I stumbled over.

I'd thought of this idea before... *snort* No, not really. I just wish I had. And that's what makes this pdf so worth the money. Sean Reynolds does a great job of presenting his idea simply and quickly. You're bound to read the first few paragraphs and think to yourself, "Self, why hadn't I thought of this before."

Every improv style GM out there has had those moments when she wants to be able to create a memorable encounter on the fly. Up until reading this, what that meant was having an index in my head of available monsters that I could easily mix and match to form a good encounter.

That's worked for me for time out of mind, but it turns out that is a very two dimensional approach. Filing off the serial numbers adds a third dimension to the mix by letting you take the index in your mind and merge cards.

And for the less improv GMs there's even more to think over. If you usually painstakingly plan out your encounters, the possibilities are even greater.

It's definitely worth the two bucks to add another good tool to your GM toolbox. Gift Certificates
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