Pathfinder Tales: Stalking the Beast

****( ) (based on 15 ratings)
Pathfinder Tales: Stalking the Beast
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Out for Blood

When a mysterious monster carves a path of destruction across the southern River Kingdoms, desperate townsfolk look to the famed elven ranger Elyana and her half-orc companion Drelm for salvation. For Drelm, however, the mission is about more than simple justice, as without a great victory proving his worth, a prejudiced populace will never allow him to marry the human woman he loves. Together with a fresh band of allies, including the mysterious gunslinger Lisette, the heroes must set off into the wilderness, hunting a terrifying beast that will test their abilities—and their friendships—to the breaking point and beyond.

From acclaimed author Howard Andrew Jones comes a new adventure of love, death, and unnatural creatures, set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

400-page mass market paperback
ISBN–13: 978-1-60125-572-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-573-0

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Stalking the Beast is sanctioned for use in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Its Chronicle sheet and additional rules are a free download (359 KB zip/PDF).

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****( ) (based on 15 ratings)

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Slightly above fanfiction

**( )( )( )

This book is not good. I haven't read the previous book starring these main characters, but I have no interest in finding out either. The protagonists in this story are wholly one dimensional and lack any flaws or negative qualities whatsoever. I also never felt they were in any serious danger either as they were instantly healed after every combat. Speaking of combat, wow is there a lot of it in this book. I'd guess at least 75% of this book consists of fight scenes. And while the descriptions of these scenes were ok, they felt like complete filler to pad the length of the book. All of the secondary characters in this book are completely forgettable (except Cyrelle) and served as either love interests or monster food. The book is also filled with some cringy dialogue, obvious infodumps, and even outright contradictions. I gave this book a second star since it was my first Tales book that features a gunslinger and the villain's class which I won't spoil here. The gunslinger also has one great scene involving fey which was very smart and original.

****( )

****( )

A fantastic follow-up to Plague of Shadows, bringing back Elyana and Drelm, the latter of whom really evolves as the novel proceeds. As in the earlier novel, great adventuring party, characters, plot twists, battles, etc.

One thing that stands out in these novels is the high body-count. It's almost a bit shocking, but I like the fact that there's not a slavish adherence to the game rules, such that you're not wondering why all the important or interesting characters "simply don't get resurrected". I think PF fiction works best if that little out is downplayed more often than not.

In addition to the excellent Elyana and Drelm, the introduction of the amoral gunslinger Lisette is another high point of this novel. There are also many secondary characters I found quite interesting.

I found the end a bit sad, but realistic, given why Elyana left Stelan in the first novel. Really brings home how those w/ long lives (like the elf Elyana) might choose to deal w/ those w/ more limited life spans.

I dearly want to see more of Elyana; and a novel w/ her and Lisette working together would be just great.

A fine example of momentum at work.


I finished reading "Stalking the Beast" last night and enjoyed it thoroughly! Things meandered a bit and took time to gain momentum, but the characterization and climax(es) were super solid.

Definitely worth reading. :D


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